Non-stop Bubble Fun:The Best 6 Bubble Machines to Buy in 2022

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Bubbles are always a great hit in parties. Kids love them, the adults enjoy them. Blowing out unlimited bubbles is always a fun, safe, and affordable form of entertainment. Party organizers call bubble machines “the magic givers” – they make any party look and feel magical.

If you’re here because you’re looking for the best bubble machines to invest on, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring six of the most popular bubble machines in the market in 2022.

How We Decided

Since parties are ever-present, the production of bubble machines has also gone up ahead. It’s easy to feel confused when it comes to bubble maker machines to buy. This is why our team of party organizers gathered recommendations from the events industry experts to help us come up with 6 bubble machines to buy in 2022.

Here are the factors we considered in making these recommendations

Amount of Bubbles Made

We don’t know about you, but we’re all about big bubbles. We want bubbles to just be flying everywhere because people love that. One of the factors we considered was the amount of bubbles coming out from the machine.


We also looked for bubble machines that we can move from one spot to another. We debated between electric powered and battery-operated. We’re big with machines that can do both.


Parties are for forever. It’s important to find a bubble machine that can also last for a long, long time.

Out of all the bubble machines we have reviewed, these are the bubble-making machines that stood out the most

Are you done with those exhausting bubble toys that you have to blow manually? Are your kids screaming for more bubbles and you just can’t keep up? For your woes, we recommend the Buxom bubble machine gun.

Hundreds of bubbles in just seconds – this is one of Buxom’s standout features. We love how intense the bubble production is from this gun. It can literally fill the room with bubbles!

This is one of those bubble guns children will love – it includes some cool effects and exciting music that will keep your kids hooked on playing with bubbles for hours.

There’s no need for complicated installations – simply dip the bubble and start the fun.

This is seriously one of the best gifts to give bubble-loving kids! A product perfect for summer time!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you ready to upgrade your bubble entertainment? Are your kids eager to have another bubble toy? When it comes to extra fun bubble machine toys, our top choice is the GaiaFun.

What we love about GaiaFun is its unique bubble machine. It elevates each bubble by adding some smoke inside! The smoke makes the bubbles look extra magical, and extra long-lasting too. This is a feature we’re sure both kids and adults will love.

The elastic bubble produced by the GaiaFun feels bouncy on the hands – each bubble can momentarily be played like a ball.

The GaiaFun bubble gun allows you to control the amount of bubbles that will come out. This toy is a great addition to make parties more fun!

Recommended Features

Key Features


"Very Good"


Are you hosting a birthday party for your little one soon? Are you a party organizer who is looking for ways to improve outdoor party settings? The DonaBubs is one of the best bubble machines for outdoor events.

DonaBubs features an impressive capacity to create 3000 bubbles in one minute – that’s just like bubbles all over! It can blow out bubbles for up to 4 hours. You don’t have to go bubble-less in your party, though – there’s a battery slot to keep the fun going.

You have two speed options with the DonaBubs – high and low. If the vibe is exciting, turn on the high. If you’re setting up for a wedding, or romantic-themed party, choose the low setting.

The machine is ultra-portable – you can bring it to any outdoor event without worrying about wires getting all tangled up.

This bubble making machine is ideal for birthdays, family events, weddings, and reunions!

Key Features


"Very Great"


Are you looking for a bubble machine that can add a little extra to your special events? Do you want bubbles to be everywhere during the event? We recommend Bubblify!

Bubblify is a heavy-duty bubble machine that is both easy to use, and portable. This durable bubble machine can blow out up to 400 bubbles per minute! Just enough to fill your venue with beautiful bubbles floating everywhere.

The Bubblify is powered by both batteries and electric input. You can also charge the batteries so you can bring it to a venue without having to worry about wires getting tangled all over.

If you are organizing a wedding, a birthday party, a backyard get-together, or a family event, Bubblify is a simple way to amp up the fun atmosphere of the event!

Key Features




Have you been trying to take screen time off your child’s daily routine? Is it hard for you to find a form of entertainment that will keep your kids engaged for a long time? Make the process easy – our favorite anti-screen time bubble machine is the BonBaba.

BonBaba comes in a cute, colorful, and attractive design. It’s a two-in-one entertainment toy – it’s a toy they can push, and a toy that also blows out fun bubbles.

This fun bubble machine toy for kids blows bubbles once the child pushes the toy. Each push equals more bubbles. This toy comes with other exciting features like the cheerful sound coming out from the toy and a mini projector that reflects images in the dark. This product combines the features of three toys!

The BonBaba comes with an ergonomic grip slot that prevents your kids from tipping and falling over.

If you’re in the hunt for irresistible and practical toys for kids, BonBaba is a topnotch choice.

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Have you been trying to bribe kids into learning bikes but you haven’t found the perfect way to do it? Have you felt frustrated because nothing seems to work? Help your kids get on the bike with excitement with the BubbyJets.

The BubbyJets is a bubble-making machine that can be attached into the bike’s. With each pedal, cute bubbles come out of the machine. This feature will encourage your little bike learners to never stop pedalling.

The BubbyJets is easy to install – you won’t have to worry about messing up your kids’ bike or their excitement.

The creators of BubbyJet made sure that the machine is durable since biking is prone to falls and crashes. You can be assured that this bubble machine will stay for long – no matter how many times your kid falls from his bike.

If summertime is all about learning how to bike, the BubbyJets is a great device to integrate to the process.

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Bubble machines never fail to entertain. They bring fun, laughter and excitement to any event. Adults and kids alike are fascinated with bubble machines. These top 6 bubble making machines can be your next form of ultra-fun yet super affordable form of entertainment. Bubble machines – the machines that make any event special.