The Top 4 Clear Backpacks - 4 Picks Reviewed and Recommended by Experts

Emma Taylor, Updated: Dec 8th, 2022

Through the years, the reasons for getting a high quality, clear backpack have added up. You have also decided to make a switch from traditional bags to a more convenient clear backpack. You’ve done your job – searched the online markets, compared your best finds – but you’re still unsure which clear backpacks to buy. 

Despite the simplicity of clear backpacks, it’s easy to tell why finding one is hard – it’s not always a breeze to see a backpack that caters to all your needs. 

We feel you – as parents and office workers transitioning from traditional bags to clear backpacks, we feel your struggle. For this reason, we rallied the help of bag experts to help us narrow down our best clear backpacks list. In this review, you’ll find four top picks meticulously tested, rated, and reviewed to save you the struggle of scouring the net for your next best clear backpack buy. 

But first, how did we decide what to put on the list? 

To help us make an expert choice, we asked the help of bag experts and people who use backpacks every day. For two weeks, they meticulously tried and tested more than 20 transparent backpacks. Each reviewer checked the bags for the following factors: 

Quality Material

We understand that some of the users might be worried that a bag made of clear PVC can easily break. This is why we made sure we only include bags that use thick, top quality material.


We only include bags that can hold up your stuff properly. We looked into stitches, design, thickness when making the decision to include or not to include. 


The bags we include here are guaranteed high capacity that can carry up to 25 liters of stuff. 


We want clear backpacks that won’t hurt our backs and shoulders in the long run. You can be assured we made sure to pick out the most ergonomic bags for back and shoulder safety. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, these four clear backpacks stood out. 

This bag is for those who are all about large backpacks! If you’re looking for a transparent backpack that does not skimp on capacity, we recommend the SafiSac. 

When it comes to its ability to carry loads of items, the SafiSac features a whopping 30 liters of bag capacity. This is the reason why people consider SafiSac a camping-worthy clear backpack. It can carry books, notebooks, laptops, tablets, phones, recorders, instruments, devices, clothing, and even drinks. 

SafiSac’s ability to carry this much doesn’t depend only on its huge design. The bag also features an impressive, professional stitching that allows the bags to carry heavy loads without breaking. 

The PVC material of the SafiSac is also durable. It’s made from a new and improved PVC formulation that makes the material more flexible and less susceptible to cracking. 

We love that this clear backpack is waterproof – it’s just right for a backpack that carries a lot to offer protection from rain and fog. 

The straps of this clear backpack are reinforced and padded – they are a breeze to wear on the back and shoulders. 

The SafiScan is great for traveling, for school, for office, and even for hauling loads of stuff from one place to another. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




We hear you – you’re looking for a backpack that has all the right elements – an edgy style, an ergonomic strap design, a mesh partition, and durability. Well, we’re happy to say we found them all in the KeriKlir. 

KeriKlir won’t blow you away with its looks – it’s a cute backpack with black edges but there’s none of that flamboyant design. But what it lacks in the style department, it totally made up for in its other features. 

First, let’s talk about its strap. They’re solid, they feature stitches that will tell you the bag is in for the long haul, and they’re padded. They come in handy during those long walks and commute where you have to carry the whole weight of the backpack on your back. They’re easy on the back – you won’t feel strained. 

This transparent backpack also has enough mesh compartments to separate your most important items – keys, phones, cards – from your other stuff. 

We love how the size of the KeriKlir is just enough – not too big, not too small. It’s ideal for students who are looking for simple but functional backpacks for this school year, or for office workers searching for an easier alternative for the morning walk and commutes. 

The KeriKir also includes side mesh pockets you can use for those moments when you need to carry a bottle of water or umbrella with you. 

Out of all the backpacks we reviewed, this is the pick that is 100% practical and super useful. 

A great gift for those who always carry backpacks with them. 

Key Features


"Very Good"


This is for the backpack users who feel like transparent backpacks are out of style! We made sure to include a stylish, even classy pick for this list. We love how SovoVille combines style and functionality in one clear backpack. 

The SovoVille includes a beautiful neutral-shade fabric that elevates the look of the entire backpack. But more than elevating the aesthetics of this transparent backpack, the SovoVille also serves in the slot departments. 

This clear backpack features multiple storage and organizing slots that come in handy if you have multiple pens, books, and gadgets. There’s a slot for umbrellas, water bottles, journals, notes, and phones. Overall, the SovoVille can carry up to 25 liters of items. The compartments are also mesh – allowing you to still see your essentials easily. 

We’re also impressed by SovoVille’s ergonomic design – it is really built for comfort. The straps of the SovoVille are larger and padded – making it easy to wear on the back and on the shoulders. The bag also includes a soft upper handle should you feel like carrying it with your hands instead of strapping the bag on your back. 

Whether you’re going to use it for school or for the office, or for your daily commute, we are confident that the SovoVille will impress you, too. 

Key Features


"Very Great"


At first glance, the ClaroPack is very simple – it looks like a typical backpack made with clear material. But don’t be fooled by its simple build – we 100% commend how this clear backpack is just a one-bag-fits-all type of product. This clear backpack with high capacity features – the bag can carry up to 25 liters of content – is ideal for school, office, and travel! 

The ClaroPack can hold up its weight capacity without fail. The clear backpack comes with a durable PVC material and reinforced strap designs that can hold up the transparent backpack properly. The stitching of this backpack is topnotch – no wonder it’s called by some as Mary Poppins’ bag! 

The straps of the ClaroPack are lightweight and easy to maintain – it’s also handwash-compatible. We love how the straps are also ideal for little preschoolers and primary school students .

We are impressed at how this bag can help you easily spot all your essentials inside. It’s a low-maintenance, waterproof bag you can also use for the beach and for picnic trips. 

Adults and kids will both love the ClaroPack! 

Key Features





It’s true – the need for clear backpacks are on the rise; but it should not mean choosing just anything we see online. There are clear backpacks that are worth the money, and are impressive in so many ways. This is what this review is for – to bring you closer to backpacks worth the splurge. Check our recommendations above for your next best clear backpack buy!