Rock Your Curls:The Top 4 Best Curling Wands for Beautiful Curly Hairstyles

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

If you flip through the pages of a magazine, it’s hard to miss stunning models with hair dolled up and curled. Adding soft, bouncy curls to your hairstyle is like completing your fashion ensemble with the perfect accessory – it instantly elevates your look. Curls can help fashion your looks in various ways – curls with volume shouts “vintage” while loose, combed-out curls add a touch of elegance to your hairstyle.

Choosing a curly hair to spruce up your daily hairstyle is always a great choice – whether you’re booked for a photoshoot, invited to a formal event, or expected at a party,

If you’re here because you’re looking for curling wands that can keep up with your fashion and styling needs, you have come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the top 3 best curling wands to buy in 2021.

What to Look for in Curling Wands

“The curls just don’t stay long enough.”

“The curling iron left my hair dry and damaged!”

“I love curly hair but I can’t take the heat that beats my hair.”

Are these sentiments familiar? Have you ever bought a curling wand only to get disappointed because you just don’t get the results you’re looking for? Have you ever bought a curling iron that was too harsh, it left your hair battered?

Nowadays, when curling irons are popping everywhere, our chances of buying defective, poor quality curling tools are high. Asking ourselves “What makes a curling iron good?” can save us from spending tons of bucks on curling wands that bring us down.

As we want our readers to always make the right decisions, we decided to ask fashion experts, make-up artists, and hair stylists for their recommendations.

Out of all their suggestions, we came up with a quick guide on the things you need to remember when buying a curling wand.

Your Preferred Style

Are you going to frequent parties? Are you a stylist who has to work on different hairstyles? Consider the type of curls you need to make and choose a wand that can accommodate your hair styling needs.

Hair Safety

No, fancy hairstyles should not be synonymous to damaged, burnt hair. Curlers will require heat, so it’s crucial to choose a curling wand that includes a design that could mitigate the bad effects of styling on the hair.

Ease of Use

Curling wands are not the easiest to use! Wires get tangled, arm strains happen, and curls just don’t happen in a snap. Choosing a curling wand that’s easy to use can save you from a lot of frustrations.

Using this quick guide, and the recommendations of our awesome style and beauty experts, we were able to pick out 3 curling wands that every beauty-aficionado should own.

Do you feel like for you to achieve that flowy, goddess-like hair, you have to go through an exhausting process? Do you find curling your hair complicated and exhausting. Well, we’re here to tell you that we found a low-maintenance, easy-to-use curler for those who want to do away with all the nitty gritty of hair curling.

Do you struggle with the motions required to create perfect curls? The GoddessXO makes that process easier. With its automatic curling technology, you simply have to insert your hair into a slot in the wand, and the wand will finish the business. After 2 seconds, you will be enjoying smooth, bouncy curls.

Do you hate wires? Well, most of those we interviewed said so. “Wires make curling more frustrating!” GoddessXO completely eliminated wires from its design so you can go about a less stressful curling session.

The GoddessXO offers two curling options – one best for regular days, and another option for more formal party looks.

Our favorite feature of the GoddessXO is its portability! It comes with chargeable batteries that can last up to an hour when fully charged. This is the curling wand that makes curling on-the-go possible. Compact enough to fit regular office bags and travel bags, GoddessXO can help you look extra ready for all the events you need to attend.

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The beachwave trends is still taking the fashion world by storm. There’s a good reason to be — beach waves are elegant! This type of curler creates waves that are chic but effortless. The LushaWaves can help you get that IG-ready hair even while you’re on the go.

The LushaWaves heats up fast. No need to wait too long for the barrel to get the heat that can give you curls. Once turned on, it heats up in just 5 seconds.

The curler comes with multiple barrels which enable curling to be fast and easy. This tool comes with a 360-degree rotating design that totally eliminates the complicated curling process that puts major strain on the hands.

Heat is adjustable in the LushaWave curler. You can adjust heat between 180-220 degrees.

This curling tool is compatible with a universal voltage – you can use LushaWaves wherever you are.

If you’re a model, someone who attends events all the time, or someone who loves to try different hairstyles for photos, the LushaWaves deserves a spot on your beauty essentials kit.

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Hair style fans will agree that achieving a perfect curly hairstyle takes hours. There’s the waiting, the twirling, and the smoothing out. If you feel like you need a tool to help you spend the extra time for hair curling for other beauty preparations, we recommend the FairyWaves.

We kid you not – this curling wand feels like it truly has the magic of fairies – it can curl the hair in just 9 seconds. It’s like cutting curling time by 40%.

Unlike other curling wands, the FairyWaves don’t feature a lot of curling options – you can just customize your hair by moving the curler from left to right. However, it beats other wands when it comes to speed.

This hair tool also eliminates the need to manually twirl your hair into the barrel – a task that causes a lot of burns and blisters! Simply insert your hair into a slot, and the automatic hair curler will do the rest.

This hair curling wand is less complicated, less stressful, less time consuming. We love how this device saves you from unnecessary stress during your beauty preparations – stress that could affect your overall look.

Look fresh like a fairy without the exhausting process – that’s the promise of the FairyWaves!

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This is for the people who love playing with different curly hairstyles. There’s a saying in the fashion world – once you curl your hair, you won’t be able to stop.

We understand that curly hairstyles don’t take just one form – you can be creative with them. They bring personality to your look! This is why we love the PixieTwirl. It doesn’t come with just two interchangeable barrels – it comes with six. There’s a big barrel for volumized waves, a regular-sized barrel for everyday curls, and the narrow ones for crazy, wild curls.

The sizes for this curling wand include 09-18mm,18-25mm,25-25mm;19-19mm,32-32mm,bead25mm barrels.

With the PixieTwirl, you have options! We love how the barrels also come with fast-curling technology without compromising your hair. We are confident that the days when we regret curling our hair because we can feel how damaged it has gotten after styling are over!

With its far-infrared heating technology, you can style your hair without worrying about irreversible hair damage. One thing we’re also impressed about the PixieTwirl is how it releases negative ions to the hair to prevent it from going frizzy and looking untamed.

If you or someone you know loves to play around with curly hairstyles, then this wand is one to get!

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You can achieve beautiful, well-made hair even at home. The lush curls and the bombshell waves you see on magazines can be yours without breaking the bank. All of these can be possible with the best curling wands! Our top recommendations above are vetted for and trusted by hair style and fashion experts – we guarantee that when you get one option from above, you’re already making the best beauty investment!