3 Best Disco Ball to Level Up Your Next Party

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Jan 3rd, 2022

Back in the good old days, disco balls ruled every dance floor. And ever since, it has been one of the best party-theme until this day. So if you’re looking for disco balls to level up your next party or showcase the perfect stage lighting, we got you covered. Our team has listed our all-time favorite disco balls to help you achieve that party aesthetics you see in movies.

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Is it to make the dance floor pop like the 70s or create the ultimate disco-themed photo booth? Well, it doesn’t matter where you place the MadiLyts Disco Ball. This one comes with the perfect glass cover that reflects the most breathtaking lighting.

The MadiLyts Disco Ball comes with an inner foam ball and a solid outer glass cover. And for its 12” size, it’s lightweight and 100% easy to install anywhere you fancy. For you to create that relaxing mood lighting, the MadiLyts come with a hanging ring that you attach to any motor to showcase that perfect sparkle. 

Overall, this disco ball is one heck of a prop to level up your party. It’s suitable for daytime and nighttime use—so disco your way to the dance floor anytime, anywhere!

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Here’s another disco ball that will make your disco-theme party feel just like the 70s. The IllumiGeeks Disco Ball is your most stylish disco ball that sets the perfect lighting for any party. With its 12” size, highly-reflective mirror ball, the dance floor will 100% pop!

What we love about the IllumiGeeks Disco Ball is its overall construction. First, it’s made of solid foam that is set to last longer than ordinary disco balls. Next, its exterior is covered with tiny square mirrors that create the most beautiful reflections. And lastly, it’s one of the easiest to install or hang, even if you attach it to a rotating motor.

For 12 x 12 size, this is an ideal disco ball to hype the crowd. It’s electrifying, catching everyone’s attention on the dance floor.

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Are you looking for a disco ball that shines a variety of color combinations? Then this DansLED Disco Ball is a perfect choice. The DansLED gives you 3 sound-activated and 7 lighting modes to create that one-of-a-kind stage lighting. You can choose from multi-colored combinations using a remote control to set the perfect mood.

What’s impressive with the DansLED is its quick and easy switching to different light patterns. Whether the music’s playing a bop or a slow song, you can complement the stage with the most suitable lighting combinations with just one press of a button.

Further, it can illuminate 15 to 30 sq. m without any issues with its size. And, it consumes less power and delivers stable performance, which is perfect for all home parties. Overall, the DansLED Disco Ball is one of the best plug-n-play lighting props you’ll ever have. It’s easy to use, provides excellent brightness, and sets the perfect stage for any party.

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For that unforgettable party, choose the best disco ball to create that party mood you’re looking for. The products we recommend on this list are our absolute favorites. We’ve used them in some of our office parties, and we stand by the one-of-a-kind experience they provide. So give them a try and take advantage of the special offers on our site. Unleash the party animal within you!