The Top 4 Best Facial Massagers to Buy in 2022 For Better Skin and Face Care

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 9th, 2022

So you’re looking for the best face massager to give you that youthful, elegant glow? 

We get you, with all the face massagers available in the market, it’s so hard to settle for one face massager. What if it fails? What if it doesn’t deliver? What if you’ll only get disappointing results? 

As big fans of skin and face care ourselves, we know the struggle of finding the best face massagers in the market. To cut the struggle of fellow skincare aficionados like us, we made sure to ask the experts – spa care masters and beauty gurus – to help us pick out the best face massagers in the market. 

From face massagers that bring back the youth of our face, to the best face toning devices that cut the flab out of our cheeks and jaws, we offer you our list of must-buy face massagers in 2022!

How We Decided

For two weeks, we asked spa owners and beauty experts to review the top 20 face massagers for us. In the span of 14 days, they meticulously checked each face massager for the following factors: 

First, effectiveness. We wanted to make sure that the face massager really delivers the results it intends to provide. 

Second, the quality of technology. We understand that the technology used in the face massager is the heart of the device. We aim to include devices that feature the latest technology. 

Third, convenience. Having a face massager is like bringing the benefits of spas to the home. We want to pick out face shaping devices that are easy to use at the home, office, and even on the road. 

Fourth, multipurpose features. The face massager should also have features that give a bang for your buck. 

Out of all the devices we reviewed, these are the best face massagers to buy in 2022. 

This product is for the beauty lovers out there who are always on the go. If you’re looking for a device that can add a quick but effective regimen to your skincare routine, we highly suggest you get your hands on the VaniMuse. 

VaniMuse features a handy yet powerful device which delivers effective 5-minute sessions. The VaniMuse makes a mark as it is one of the few devices – among all that we have that can lift, tone, and rejuvenate. The device is powered by a microcurrent energy which can make users feel like their face just went through a workout. After every session, the skin feels firmer and plumper. 

The device uses gentled microcurrent energy distributed efficiently by the metal edge. The great thing about these microcurrent levels is that they are easy to adjust based on your needs and comfort levels. 

The handy lifting facial massager is also very handy, and convenient to carry outside. You can confidently use it even while you’re traveling! 

A great gift for loved ones who are all about skincare and beauty. 

Recommended Features

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To those looking for a mini facial massager that delivers amazing results in the skin tightening department, this is for you. When it comes to tightening and firming the face – with results that can last for a long time – our top recommendation is the BeauteRix. 

The BeauteRix features a high-frequency function that “wakes” the muscles up to enable skin-renewing and rejuvenating processes. This technology also allows the product to seep deep into the skin making your favorite toners and serums to work intensively.

The device also combines the skin-tightening benefits of the EMS technology and light therapy. These features are proven to speed up the toning and firming process. 

We love how simplistic the process is when it comes to using the BeauteRix. You simply turn it on, and use it all over your face using an upward motion. 

The professional care from the BeauteRix can get you to see results as fast as 4 uses!

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Is finding a facial massager that can perk up your skin on your face and neck a major agenda? If you’ve been looking for a facial device that tightens and tones the skin, our best recommendation is the FairFress. 

First of all, FairFress is no-fuss. You use it in a very simplistic manner – let the hollow part of the device run through your skin. There is no complicated process involved when using FairFress. 

FairFress works in an impressive way – by improving the circulation of blood and rejuvenation of cells on the face and the neck. We’ve observed that once you run through the device on your skin, sagging and wrinkling are minimized. We discovered that these amazing results are made possible by using light therapy and sonic vibrations to perk up the cells and rejuvenate the skin. 

The sonic vibrations come in 3 adjustable modes which make it easy for you to find the best setting for your skin treatments.

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Are you looking for a facial massager that can bring you that sophisticated V-shape you see in celebrities and models? Are you in search of that facial massager device that will save you from spending a ton of bucks and hours inside spas? Our best recommendation is AlovSpa!

The best-selling AlovSpa bears a design that is specially made for toning the face into a V-shape wonder. The form of AlovSpa tones the face on the right spots. The adjustable band that is used for the face can be customized so it can work perfectly for your face. 

The AlovSpa is big on variations. The device has 5 massage modes, and 8 intensities to ensure you that you will get the care appropriate for your face!

The device also uses light therapy to melt any flab, awaken the cells, rejuvenate dead skin, and give your face a workout that tones and defines. A single session with the AlovSpa only takes 15 minutes. 

What reviewers love about the AlovSpa is its hands-free feature. You can use this device even while you’re reading a book, watching your favorite show, cleaning the house, or when you’re relaxing. The 800 mAH battery is enough to power the device for 2 weeks! 

If you’re looking for the next best beauty device, we highly recommend the AlovSpa V-line facial massager! 

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Taking care of our skin is a major component of sporting a firm, bouncy, beautiful facade. If you want to keep the youthful glow of your face, having a device to help you elevate your skincare routine is key. Owning a face massager device can turn the clock around and render your skin ageless. Check out our suggestions above for your next beauty buy – you can be assured each product has been thoroughly tested, rated, and approved. Your face will love them!