Review: Top 3 Best Facial Steamers for Healthy, Glowing, Blemish-free Skin

Emma Taylor Updated: May 22nd, 2024

We are yet to find the elixir of youth that will preserve our plump, clear, healthy skin forever. Fortunately, we have devices that will allow us to keep the vision of healthy skin on our faces for a long, long time. One of these facial devices raved about in the skincare market is the facial steamer. Handy, low-maintenance, easy to use, and generally affordable, facial steamers open the gate to embracing soft, plump, well-cared for skin for years. 

If you are here because you are looking for the best facial steamers in the market, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the top 3 facial steamers to buy in 2023. 

What to Look for in Facial Steamers

Due to its affordability and simplicity, there are now a ton of facial steamers in the market. With fancy designs, and fancier promises, it’s easy to fall for any steamer in the online marketplace. But here’s the thing, steamers don’t just…steam. The principle should blend the steaming ability of the device plus a smart technology that really promotes softening of the skin and pores. 

Most steamers don’t have this; thus, they’re mostly disappointing. 

As big skincare fans ourselves, we always had this eagerness to find out what are the best facial steamers to buy in 2021. To make sure we get our money’s worth, we asked the recommendations of spa owners, dermatologists, and skincare experts.

Out of all their recommendations, we were able to pick out there. We also came up with a list of things to remember when buying facial steamers. 

Steam Technology

The steam technology is the difference between an effective facial steamer, and a mediocre one. The facial steamer shouldn’t just burst out hot mist – it should be able to release enough steam to cause the pores to open and the skin to soften. 


If you want longer steaming sessions, or if you own a commercial spa center, having a facial steamer that doesn’t need regular refills to work is of the essence. 


The steam quality should be safe enough for the face. The facial steamer – ideally – should come in easy to use, easy to understand settings. 


Get the full bang for your buck – the steamer should be durable enough to last for a long, long time! 

Out of all the facial steamers we reviewed, here are the top 3 that stood out! 

You’ve probably heard the horrors of getting the wrong skincare products for the skin, and you are quite hesitant to invest in random products for fear of damaging your skin. If you are a skincare newbie and you’re just easing into next level skincare, our top pick for you is the PelvaGlow. 

If you’re new to skincare, we’ve kept you in mind. When we reviewed products, we searched for the gentlest, safest ones and the one that stood out the most is the PelvaGlow! 

PelvaGlow is an effective device for skin softening, nurturing, and revival. If you’re prone to staying in polluted places, or if your skin is persistently battered by stress, you need this in your vanity table. 

The PelvaGlow releases gentle yet concentrated steam mists that melt the pollution and gunk away. This enables the skin to be ready for deep cleaning. Another perk of the PelvaGlow is when you use this, your skin starts to absorb your other skincare products better! 

We love how PelvaGlow is portable and space-saving – no need to worry about allotting a huge space on your table just for this steamer. 

If you love traveling – and if traveling is taking a toll on your skin – you can rejuvenate your tired, exhausted pores with the PelvaGlow. 

For such an affordable price, you can experience spa-like benefits with the PelvaGlow. 

Recommended Features

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This one’s for the big skincare fans who are all about deep cleaning the face. We were so thrilled when we found out that PurePore has the nano ionic facial benefits. This is a top pick for anyone who’s looking for professional-level skin care. 

PurePore’s top feature is its ionic facial steaming technology. Ionic facial is known for its concentrated, deep cleansing benefits that quickly and completely softens the gunk and dirt so your cleansing products can eliminate them 100%. 

The benefits of ions for the face also include boosting collagen levels, adding skin elasticity, and keeping skin free from breakouts. If you love these benefits but have no time for a spa day, keeping the PurePore at home is a great alternative. 

The PurePore is also ideal for removing makeup, calming inflamed skin, and soothing stressed skin! 

The PurePore may be a little bit more expensive than the rest of our recommendations, but it sure is worth the price for its professional-level cleansing. 

Great gift for skincare junkies! 

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Are you a skincare professional looking for the best facial skin steamer? Perhaps you’re a big skincare enthusiast who wants to experience a professional skin cleaning at home? If you’re looking for facial steamers that offer the latest steaming technology, we recommend the VitaFace!

VitaFace is a portable but heavy duty facial steamer that assists in helping you achieve cleaner, clearer, breakout-free, younger skin whether at home or in the clinic. 

Skincare clinics and facial spas will love the VitaFace for its advanced steam technology design that distributes steam onto the entire face effectively. The facial steamer can handle up to 16 ounces of water – enough to be of use for at least 20 hours! 

When we tried the VitaFace, we realized how clean-feeling our pores are. When we proceeded to deep cleaning, we felt that the cleaning session was more effective. The VitaFace truly preps the skin for intense cleaning. 

This easy-to-use, super convenient facial device can be used while you’re doing other things. It’s perfect for skincare while you’re reading your latest Kindle find, watching your latest Netflix favorite, or eating your meal. 

The VitaFace is made for traveling, too. It only weighs less than a kilo and it’s pretty compact so it’s easy to store in your travel bag without you worrying that it’s gonna break. 

You can get soft, clean skin anywhere, everywhere with the VitaFace! 

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We only have one skin – it’s our job to take good care of it! From keeping it healthy and clean, to retaining the suppleness and its youthfulness, a great skincare device can do wonders for your skincare routine. The products we mentioned here have been personally tested, tried, and reviewed to ensure you get the next best pic for your skincare stash!