Skin Goals at Home - The Top 3 Best Gua Sha Tools to Buy in 2022

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

One of the most amazing things that came with 2022 is at-home skin care using the gua sha stone! Now that there’s still apprehension when it comes to visiting an actual beauty clinic, collecting gua sha stones is a great idea. If you stumbled upon this review, we’d like you to know you’ve come to the right place – gua sha beauty tools aren’t just great investments in beauty but in overall skin health.

What to Look for in a Gua Sha Stone

Now that we know that using a gua sha stone has its benefits, we have a little caveat – don’t just go for any slab of rock packaged as a beauty stone. Not only will that be painful, but it can have lasting damage to your skin.

So how do you choose the best gua sha stone for skin concerns? Experts recommend looking into your skin issues – jade gua sha stones tend to work best for dry skin, while the gentler fire agate stone is better for irritated and acne-prone skin.

But what if you have multiple skin concerns and you’re new to gua sha stone skin care, what stones are safe to use?

We rounded up the opinions of skin care experts, and skin and beauty enthusiasts to help us know which products to recommend. Among all we’ve reviewed, here are the top 3 best gua sha stones to buy in 2022.

Although chemically-infused skin care products sound promising, you can never really know how safe they are for the skin. If you’re looking for natural alternatives to the most popular skin care treatments, we recommend you to try the Skincareegy 3-pack jade roller and gua sha stone.

We love how the jade roller is made from 100% jade, so you can be ensured you’re getting the best benefits of jade without any side effects.

The Skincareegy is a must have if you’re having issues with skin concerns that seem to not go away no matter how hard you try. The jade roller and gua sha stone set helps “loosen” the foundations of the skin to allow treatments to actually work on your face.

If you are over feeling bloated and puffy on the face, the Skincareegy is a tool you can whip out to help you get that beautiful skin and awesome confidence back!

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Pimple scars, dark marks, and overall redness – just some of the things that don’t seem to leave the skin. If you’re also suffering from a myriad of skin issues like dull, dry skin, it may be needing a deep massage – one that RegenX can deliver.

During our review, we have noticed that RegenX provides a nourishing deep skin massage that makes the face glowing, and healthy-looking.

With constant use, RegenX provides relief from inflammation, puffing, and stagnant fluid trapped underneath your skin surface.

If your body is prone to holding on to water, you might find your face all puffed up. Using RegenX will send signals to your face that it’s time to de-puff so you can enjoy your lean-looking, fresh and glowing skin.

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Bringing the power of detox known to jade rollers, the jade rose massager of Ok! Skin easily catches your eye with its luxurious, pink beauty. It has an ultra smooth surface that will work perfectly for all skin types

The OK! Skin gua sha stone is made from 100% jade, making it a perfect choice for anti-ageing, anti-lines, and anti-wrinkles.

If you have skin concerns that involve puffing, soreness, and redness all over, the OK! Skin is a great choice.

We love the jade roller for the neck, chin, cheeks, forehead, around the eyes, nose, and lips. We recommend the gua sha set for your body, neck, shoulder, and face slimming.

The OK! Skin facial beauty set is a great gift for anyone who loves beauty and taking care of themselves.

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A great skin gives us confidence, commands attention, and helps us feel ready to face the world. Caring for our skin on a daily basis can create so many benefits. The gua sha stones and tools we recommend here are guaranteed to bring out the skin goal you’ve always wanted!

We assure you that each product reviewed above has been thoroughly reviewed and recommended by skin care experts.