Review: The Top 4 Hair Dryer Brushes with Volumizing and Straightening Features

Emma Taylor, Updated: Dec 8th, 2022

It’s easy to love a gorgeous, sleek, elegant hairstyle. It’s not easy to love the process that comes with it. You’re going to deal with loads of tools, and invest tons of time just to get the look you want. Perhaps at one point, you have looked at your favorite hair styling tools and wondered “Can the entire styling process get easier?” 

By luck or through intense research, you stumbled upon a hair dryer brush – a revolutionary creation that combines the power of blow dryer, volumizer, and straightener in one. You were excited for the amazing results… until you realize how hard it is to find one best suited for your hair and needs. 

The good news is that we got you – as hair styling enthusiasts ourselves, we also wanted to know what hair dryer brushes to splurge our money on. For us to be able to find the best of the bests, we asked the help of hair stylists and hair experts to choose the most reliable, most effective hair dryer brushes to buy in 2021. 

How We Decided

For two weeks, hair stylists and hair experts jumped in to review more than 20 hair dryer brushes. We asked them to meticulously check hair dryer brushes for the following factors: 

How effective the hair dryer brushes are. We put the hair dryer brushes to the test to see if they can really deliver what they promise to do. We looked for brushes that can provide stellar results without taking a lot of time! 

Safety. Since users of the brush will be dealing with heat, we wanted to include the picks that are certified and proven to be safe for the hair. 

Ergonomics. We are big fans of easy-to-use hair dryers… and we want you to have that, tooo. 

Multifunctionality. Bang for your buck? Yes, it’s a must. What we included here are hair dryer brushes that are proven to not only dry hair but also volumize and straighten! 

Out of all the products we reviewed, these are the top 4 hair dryer brushes that stood out from the rest! 

What else screams value for money than a hair dryer brush that has 5 styling attachments? When we came across the DazzLocks, we were sold. We knew this topnotch hair styling tool deserves to be on this list. 

Why? Because the DazzLocks are just like those expensive hair drying tools with multiple attachments for blow drying, hair straightening, and curling. We love how the DazzLocks eliminates the need to hoard up a ton of hair care tools. 

All the attachments are designed to let the air – not direct heat – do the wonders to your hair. The new and improved design of the DazzLocks makes drying your entire hair possible in just 30 minutes. 

The DazzLocks has both hot and cold settings that can help you achieve different styling forms. You will also get various hair style modes – low, mid, high – to help you get various results for your hair. 

The kit is easy to disassemble and assemble. It’s lightweight, and includes a box for all the attachments. Great for traveling and hair styling on the go. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




VolVoom for the volume. If you are buying a hair brush dryer because you are done with the way traditional dryers are sucking the volume out of your hair, we highly recommend the VolVoom! 

VolVoom is made in a cylindrical way – an impressive design that allows for the hair to be properly wrapped. If you are looking for efficient styling, the VolVoom is a great choice. We love how you can hit two steps with one device – with the VolVoom alone, you can dry and straighten the hair all at the same time. The hair dryer brush also immediately adds volume to your locks once they get dry. 

The VolVoom uses Ionic Technology that safely dries the hair in a fast but safe manner. The ions prevent the hair from losing its moisture while you’re applying heat on it. 

What we love about the VolVoom is that you can use it for all types of hair. Whether you have curly hair, straight locks, or wavy manes, the VolVoom’s technology and smart design allows you to enjoy a more straight, bouncier hair. This hair dryer brush comes with multiple adjustable levels that you can customize based on your hair needs. 

The ergonomic design of the VolVoom makes hair drying and styling 100% easier. We all agree that the volume you get from the VolVoom is salon-level! 

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"Very Good"


Do you love straightening your hair but aren’t a big fan of the exhausting process involved in doing so? If you’re looking for a hair dryer brush that can help you easily make your hair sleek and straight, we recommend the ManeTame. 

ManeTame is a 3-in-1 hair tool that features the benefits of a blow dryer, a hair straightener, and a volumizer. The ManeTame comes with interchangeable attachments that you can use to straighten and curl hair. Each attachment comes with an efficient barrel where heat can be evenly distributed. 

The bristles are made of flexible material that makes it possible to efficiently make the heat wrap around the hair. With a heat regulating technology, your last worry would be hair damaged from this hair dryer brush. 

What’s impressive about this brush is that it has a powerful motor that consistently blows off a hot wind of 57-degrees Celsius. Despite the heat, you won’t have to worry about getting burned because of the anti-scalding technology. 

Definitely a great gift for beauty enthusiasts! A terrific addition to your beauty must haves. 

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"Very Great"


Another commendable product we found for the straightening department is the EvoxLox. One of our reviewers commented that this is one of the hair tools that makes straightening the hair a lot easier. 

Right off the bat, one of the distinguishable qualities of the EvoxLox is its design. Unlike traditional straighteners, the EvoxLox comes as a brush. You won’t have to worry about detangling your hair first and then straightening it. The hair dryer brush cuts down stylong time by 50% as you detangle your hair as you straighten it. 

This product appeals to beauty enthusiasts who are also keen about making sure the best for people who only have a little time to spare for styling. quality of their hair remains intact. The dryer brush comes with a Double Anion Technology that prevents hair from losing its moisture during the straightening process. This beauty device also has a temperature regulator that matches your styling needs with the heat appropriate for it. The last thing you have to worry about is your hair getting toasted and dried out. 

The unique metal bristles of the EvoxLox makes straightening the hair faster and easier. 50% longer and more efficient than most hair dryer straighteners in the market, this is 

The ergonomic, lightweight hair dryer brush only weighs 500 grams – it’s so convenient to use you won’t even feel any sprain and strain on your arm. 

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Our hair is our greatest asset. The hair can speak for us even before we open our lips. The hair dryer brushes that we have here are proven to deliver the results you are looking for in a styling tool. Vouched by hairstylists and hair care experts, we can assure you that these hot picks are worthy to be called “your next best buy…” And if you love beauty and style, having one of these hair dryer brushes with you can change your beauty game.