3 Aesthetic Jewelry Stands To Organize Your Collection And Elevate Your Space In 2022

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

When you’re in a rush to head out the door for work in the morning or for dinner in the evening, spending precious time finding the perfect jewelry to complete your outfit or untangling a pile of long necklaces is such a waste.

So you just end up stepping out of the house, not feeling fully satisfied with your look.

That’s when jewelry organizers come into play. But why settle for just a plain organizer when you can have an aesthetic one that doubles as beautiful decor for your bedroom or closet space?

We found three jewelry stands that are practical organizers with sleek, modern designs. They’re perfect for keeping your necklaces untangled, protecting bracelets from being easily damaged, and rings from getting lost.

Your collection will stay in plain sight, in tip-top shape, and within quick, easy reach!

Each item on this list has a different aesthetic vibe, so all you’ll need to do is find the one that matches your interior space. These will also make great gifts for friends and family who have a growing jewelry collection.

Let’s get started!

This modern tabletop jewelry stand with three gold-painted tiers and an integrated dish is simply elegant in every way.

The LadyTrinket allows you to beautifully hang your necklaces and bracelets and keep them in excellent condition for a long time. The top tier is 19 inches long, so it’s perfect for all of your long necklaces.

Its sturdy base is also a dish where you can keep your smaller pieces of jewelry, such as rings and earrings, as well as your daily essentials like your favorite fragrance, watch, and keys.

The LadyTrinket is the star of our review because its slim and sophisticated design goes with any interior design theme. It also holds a lot more than it looks. You don’t have to worry about overcrowding your shelf or table.

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Now, if you’re looking for something that can suit both men and women, the Modern Of Trunk is a great option to go for because it comes in a more versatile design.

This two-tier jewelry organizer and stand will be perfect for your bedside table, vanity, and even your office space. It features hooks at the top bar to make it easier to reach for your accessories.

Its structure and hooks are crafted from lightweight metal, coated in white paint, so they’re durable and stylish. The wooden bars and tray give the Mother Of Trunk a zen feel and make your jewelry look neat and organized.

Anyone and everyone would love to receive this as a gift for sure!

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And if you’ve got a little too many in your collection, this Treasures Galore & Co. jewelry stand is for you! You can never have too many as long as you’ve got a space for all of them, right?

With a staggering five tiers to store necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, as well as a ring tray and multiple drawers, you’ll be able to showcase each piece in your collection while keeping them organized. Getting dressed will only take you seconds because you can see everything you have and easily grab them when you’re in a rush.

You can even adjust the height of the jewelry stand for longer necklaces, as the top tier stretches out to more than 25 inches. You not only keep your jewelry tangle-free but also ensure they stay with you for many years.

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Every piece in your jewelry collection is precious and may even hold significant moments in life worth remembering. You want to make sure they stay looking their best, even when you’re not wearing them.

This list brings together the best functional jewelry organizers to buy this year that will showcase your collection and spice up your personal space with a beautiful, modern touch. We’ve added a variety of aesthetics to make it easier for you to find the perfect one to suit your style.

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