The 3 Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices, According To Experts

Emma Taylor Updated: Jan 4th, 2023

Before quarantine, we have our favorite salon on speed dial whenever a hair removal service is required. But as the pandemic hits and closes all businesses, we found ourselves baffled on how we can get rid of these unwanted hairs on our own. Some sort to shaving, but the problem with such, it doesn’t last long. Or maybe waxing, but it’s painful, especially if you have low pain tolerance.

Portable Hair Laser Removal devices become a valuable piece in everyone’s quest to maintain smooth and hairless skin during this pandemic. It’s convenient, effective, and 100% painless. But, getting your hair lasered DIY-style comes with many directions to ensure you’ll get satisfying results.

So in this article, we highlight the Top 3 Best Portable and At-home Laser Hair Removal device to save you time and energy in choosing one that’s perfect for your needs. We’ve reviewed each feature and test them to deliver you a list of high-quality products that could get the job done. Read along!

SmoothFeel takes professional IPL technology and refines it to develop the best all-around, handheld laser hair removal device. It uses a high-power semiconductor laser beam diode—fitted with a quartz block—that delivers up to 600,000 flashes for deep skin penetration that’s safe and light to the skin. So if you’re looking for an at-home IPL that offers quick results yet gentle to the skin, this device is for you.

The best thing about the SmoothFeel IPL device is it’s 100% customizable to your preference. There are 8 intensity settings that you can choose from depending on your skin and hair color and how gentle you want the device to be. You can also switch the device’s attachments (manual or automatic) to set the proper treatment for the relevant body part.

If used properly, the SmoothFeel guarantees result in just 9 treatments. You can start twice a week for the first 4 weeks, then continue using the device once a week until the 8th week for best results.

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The BBGone IPL handset combines the benefits of lasers and epilators into one excellent at-home hair removal device. It takes advantage of the latest in salon IPL treatment that’s clinically proven and dermatologically tested to deliver safe, effective, and long-lasting results.

BBGone is suitable for all skin tones and could last up to 900,000 flashes. It claims to reduce hair by 92% after 8 to 12 weeks. But to our surprise, the panel test shows significant improvement just in the first two weeks of use.

The device’s overall experience is simple, convenient, and 100% painless, even for ingrown hairs and hard-to-reach areas. You can easily control the intensity settings with just a single click and allow the device to deliver the preferred treatment on specific body parts. So whether you use it on your face, legs, or bikini area, the BBGone’s pulsing and gliding method will surely make every session a delightful one.

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The HairVex IPL is a beautiful device to keep if you’re someone who’s been tired of dealing with unwanted hair. It features a clinical-grade IPL technology that delivers safe, visible, and long-lasting results at a fraction of the price compared to most IPL devices. But what stands out the most with the HairVex handset is it lasts up to 1 million flashes, so you’ll never have to worry about running out.

With 30 minutes of use per treatment once per week, the HairVex IPL guarantees result in just 3 weeks. This is possible because of its impressive design that effectively targets the hair follicle and slows the hair regrowth. It comes with a 3CM2 light area and 5 intensity settings to reinforce precision and control during treatment. An option to choose what flash mode to use is also available. This setup enables you to program the device according to the recommended intensity, like on your bikini area, underarm, and so on.

Overall, the HairVex is an excellent device to get your hands on. It’s effective, multipurpose, and budget-friendly.

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The Rundown

Choosing the perfect Portable Laser Hair Removal device all boils down to what you need. If you wish to see quick results, intensity levels are essential to target the hair follicle and stunt growth effectively. Some devices cater to specific skin tones only, so it pays to give attention to choose appropriately.

On the other hand, the quality of material used is crucial to determine the device’s safety. Yes, it is a general understanding that all IPL handsets are safe to use, but some may not be too gentle to your skin type. And if you have low skin tolerance, some devices could cause a lot of issues. It’s best to take a skin test by firing the device in a small area before advancing your treatment. By this, you can ensure that it’s safe for your skin.

There you have it! Go ahead and achieve painless, smooth skin today.