Top 3 Expert-Approved Lighted Mirrors to Buy in 2022 - Number 1 is a Sure Winner!

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 10th, 2022

You’ve decided – you’re getting a light mirror instead of a full-sized vanity table. The lighted mirrors with LED lighting is an affordable but great option – you’re sure it can elevate the entire beauty experience for you, and for your customers (if you’re a professional makeup artist!) 

With all the great light mirrors available in the market, choosing one for your beauty needs can be a tough task to do. But here’s the good news – you’re not alone in this journey. As a team of beauty fans as well, we asked beauty experts to help us come up with a list of money-worthy lighted mirrors. 

From lighted mirrors with magnifications, to LED light mirrors that offer the brightest glow, here’s the list of the best vanity mirrors to buy in 2022. 

How Did We Decide? 

After taking customer reviews into consideration, we narrowed down our list by taking the most popular lighted mirrors to the test. We asked beauty experts to try the most popular choices on the market for two weeks. Each product is tested and reviewed for the following factors: 

Light Quality

We looked for light mirrors with high quality lighting so you can have a clearer vision of your face. 

Customizable Features

Since lighting needs differ from time to time, we wanted to include LED light mirrors with lights that can be adjusted and customized. 


Since light mirrors are used on a daily, we made sure to add in products that are tested to endure usage, impact, and scratches. 


We know that the best light mirrors aren’t just about great light quality – they also offer magnification. The mirrors we include here have that. 

Mirror Clarity

We make sure we only add light mirrors that can offer the best reflection. 

Out of all the light mirrors we reviewed, these are the ones that wowed us and expert reviewers! 

Are you looking for a light mirror that will give you your money’s worth? If you’re in the search for a high-quality lighted LED mirror that can suit your makeup, skincare, and other beauty needs, we highly recommend the VaniTouch. 

What’s impressive about the VaniTouch is its dual mirror. From a single product, you get a classic mirror, and a mirror with 10x magnification which comes in handy if you want a detailed view of your skincare and makeup. 

The light of the VaniTouch is topnotch. The mirror has 21 LED lights that can easily be adjusted from gentle glow, to bright lights. The VaniTouch also comes with three light modes – natural, warm, and cool – you can choose from depending on your photo, makeup, and skincare needs. 

The lighted LED mirror is long-lasting – when fully charged, the VaniTouch can last up to 3 hours! 

The ergonomic design of the VaniTouch allows you to bring light to any angle of your face!

Its lightweight, travel-friendly design comes in handy when you need to bring this mirror with you on-the-go. 

Truly, one of the best gifts for makeup enthusiasts.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




If you’re looking for a lighted mirror that has complete features for your beauty needs, we recommend the BeauxyUp. 

The all-in-one beauty item has up to 5 mirrors with different magnification capacity. The magnification of these mirrors range from 1x to 10x! There’s a mirror for the face, for the eyes, for the chin, for the side of the face, and a bigger mirror to see your overall look. 

The BeauxyFy has 22 LED lights which can be adjusted with just one touch. The screen of the BeauxyUp responds to touch prompts. To adjust the light levels and modes, simply use the touch screen feature. 

This light mirror is foldable – you can easily adjust it based on the angle that works well for your makeup and skincare routines. 

We love how easy it is to store the BeauxyFy. The foldable design prevents the mirror from getting too dusty, or prone from breaking and impact. 

The mirror also includes a jewelry slot where you can place all your important trinkets. 

Key Features


"Very Good"


The GlowxyShine is the simplest among all the mirrors we’re going to feature here; but that does not mean it’s not worth it. 

In fact, the GlowxyShine is great for those who are always on-the-go and those looking for lighted mirrors they can easily store on the bag. 

The GlowxyShine is very light and thin when folded – only 1-cm in thickness – so you can slide them into your bags, luggages, and even suitcases without worrying about storage size. 

When it comes to lights, the GlowxyShine also impressed our reviewers. The foldable lighted mirror comes with 20 LED lights. The light from the mirror can be customized in three modes – natural, warm, and cool. The screen of the GlowxyShine responds to touch, too. 

The 7.5” x 5” dimension of the GlowxyShine makes it wide enough for you to see your entire face while you’re applying makeup or skincare. 

This lighted mirror is lightweight, and durable. It’s perfect for traveling, for makeup gigs, and for office use. 

An ideal gift for both professional makeup artists and beauty fans. 

Key Features


"Very Great"



Beauty rituals need a great lighted mirror to help you know that indeed, you’re doing it right! Because we believe it’s always worth it to make a switch to lighted mirrors (yes, bye traditional mirrors!), we made sure each product we add here is worth the splurge. Elevate your beauty experience – give these lighted mirrors a try.