The Top 3 Best Makeup Brush Cleaners to Buy in 2022 For Better Brushes

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Aug 9th, 2022

You’re a big clean geek and you always want your personal items to be neat and germ-free. However, you always struggle with cleaning your makeup brushes. In fact, you’ve already scoured the internet for the most promising makeup brushes but always end up not getting one. This dilemma is not because there’s no good product out there – there are actually great products but you’re not sure which one to splurge on. 

As big beauty enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how crucial it is to consistently and regularly clean your makeup brushes; and since we’re dealing with elements that are not visible to the eye – we’re looking at you, bacteria – we also want to make sure we pick out a makeup brush cleaner that really really does the job well. 

Thus, this review of the best makeup brush cleaners to get this 2022. 

How We Decided

We did not just randomly pick out the cutest or the fanciest looking brush cleaners in the market. Together with a team of makeup experts and beauty enthusiasts, we went all in on checking each raved about makeup brush cleaner this 2021. 

For two weeks, we asked our team of reviewers to thoroughly put the best-selling brush cleaners to the test. 

Out of all their notes, we were able to come up with the four important factors to consider when buying makeup brush cleaners. 

Speed and Efficiency

You’ve graduated from the scrub-the-brush department and are about to use professional brush cleaners. To see the difference, you need to go for makeup brush cleaners that are intense in speed and efficiency so you can ensure that your brush cleaning game has leveled up. 

The best makeup brush cleaners often come with intense rotations that rip the dirt off your brushes in less than 30 seconds!

User-friendy Features

The makeup brush cleaner should be easy to operate – much better if it has a one-touch operation!


The makeup brush cleaner should be lightweight enough to allow you to bring the cleaner anywhere you want.

Out of all the makeup brush cleaners we reviewed, these are the three that stood out. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your cleaning routine to a fast, efficient way, we recommend the NirvaBeauty. 

What made NirvaBeauty stand out during the review is its impressive intensity. With a rotation that is reminiscent of a washing machine, we were in awe as we saw how fast and intense it rotated – we felt like every bit of dirt was wiped off the makeup brush. The high-speed rotation makes maintaining makeup brushes fast – in just 20 seconds, you can consider your brushes clean. 

What we like about the NirvaBeauty is its so versatile, it can be used for all makeup brushes. The 8-brush setting can help clean the mini eye brushes, and the bulky face and powder brushes. 

We also love how portable the NirvaBeauty is – it’s ideal for traveling as it’s easy to disassemble and assemble. If you’re a makeup artist, a costume person, an influencer, or someone who loves to apply makeup wherever they are, the NirvaBeauty must be a part of your essentials!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Cleaning brushes is one thing, drying them is another. When we were reviewing makeup brushes, we made sure to find one that comes with a drying option. We hit Bingo with WandaBloom. 

Apart from its highly efficient cleaning prowess, the WandaBloom comes with a drying feature that also helps eliminate excess water fast so you won’t have to wait a day to get your brushes to dry. 

The high-quality heat blast from the WandaBloom prevents brushes from smelling moldy. It also prevents uneven drying that might invite more bacteria into your brushes. 

This one-button-operation device is also one of the most user-friendly picks we discovered during this review. 

The cleaner comes with 8-brush settings that can clean all types of brushes. The device also added a LED indicator feature to help you know the status of your cleaning sessions with ease. 

If you’re looking for an effective makeup brush cleaner that will also take the worry of drying off your mind, the WandaBloom is a great choice. 

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If you’re over cleaning your makeup brushes manually – and done with getting unsatisfactory results – we recommend you make the switch to the FaxoSpark. 

The FaxoSpark makes cleaning your makeup brushes a regular thing. You can say goodbye to sloppy cleaning. The device’s ultra powerful rotation can rid your brush of icky gunk and makeup build-up the fast way. For just 30 seconds, you can clean your brushes efficiently. 

The powerful motor of the FaxoSpark can spin up to 150 rotations per minute – fast enough to really remove dirt even from the inner-most part of your brush. 

With an 8-brush setting, you can clean any type of brush – from the smallest brushes to the bulkiest ones. 

The impressive design of the FaxoSpark also eliminates the risk of making any mess so you won’t have to deal with splashes all over the place. 

If you’re looking for a quality makeup brush cleaner that will really please you and your makeup-living friends, the FaxoSpark is an excellent choice. 

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"Very Good"



These three highly-recommended products are raved about by our team of experts. Each pick doesn’t skimp on quality, and means serious business when it comes to keeping your brushes dirt and bacteria-free. You can be assured that the products mentioned above went through the most meticulous review – each product above is worth the money.