The Top 4 Best Makeup Organizers to Buy in 2022 for Cleaner, Tidier Makeup

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 9th, 2022

You’ve probably taken a glance at your makeup and skincare products lying all over the floor and wondered “Man, I should get a makeup organizer!” You jump in front of your laptop, and embark on discovering the makeup organizers the web has to offer. 

Now, you feel a little bit lost. There are terrific options out there, but you are not quite sure what to choose. Questions like “Are makeup organizers really worth it?” and “Which of the cute makeup storage boxes should I go for?” come to your head. 

Good thing is we’re here to provide answers to all the queries in your mind. We formed a team of professional product reviewers, makeup artists, and beauty experts to help us come up with the top 4 best makeup organizers in 2021. If you want to learn more about our best picks for makeup storage boxes, read on. 

How Did We Decide? 

Your makeup and most special cosmetics deserve the best; that is why our team of experts took the time to go through all the most popular makeup organizers. 

For more than two weeks, makeup artists and enthusiasts took the time to use all types of makeup storage boxes. After reviewing all the products, we were able to come up with the 3 factors to look for when buying the best makeup organizers. 

First, large capacity. 

Your makeup organizer should be able to house all your makeup essentials – brushes, lippies, pencils and all. Having a makeup storage box where you can see all your items is ideal. 

Second, it should have enough compartments. 

Your makeup storage of choice should have enough compartments that can help prevent mixing makeup essentials. Having more than 2 compartments allow you to really keep makeup clean and tidy. 

Third, it should protect your makeup properly. 

When makeup is combined with dust, moisture, and heat exposure, their quality can easily go bad. Check if your makeup storage can appropriately provide a suitable cover and protection for your beloved cosmetics and beauty products.

Out of all the makeup organizers we reviewed, these are the top 4 that stood out. 

If you’ve ever seen your makeup mingling with your jewelry, you probably have thought “Hmmm, I really need a better organizer right now.” If you’re both a makeup and jewelry fan, the GlamVity is for you. 

The GlamVity is like a mini cabinet for your makeup and jewelry. It has extensive spaces where you can place all your products from skincare to cosmetics. 

The makeup organizer comes with 4 storage slots for bottles, foundations, liquid make up, and other spillable items. 

The GlamVity also includes mini drawers for smaller items such as make-up pots, lipsticks, false lashes. You can even place delicate jewelry inside the drawers. 

The makeup organizer is very compact and easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning your box. You also won’t have to be anxious about your box toppling over! 

A bonus of the GlamVity is its ultra elegant look! The all-white design makes it a perfect addition to any vanity table. 

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When we were reviewing makeup organizers, we recognized the challenge of most makeup enthusiasts – how to store products and easily find them. If we’d be honest, storing is one thing, finding is another. This is why we were thrilled when we found the ElegLux. 

ElegLux cuts the struggle of makeup owners by providing a clear, transparent cosmetics organizer! The cover of the ElegLux is 100% transparent which allows makeup owners to easily see where they’ve placed their favorite lipstick or foundation! With just one peek inside, you will quickly find where your essentials are. 

We also love how ElegLux features a very compact closure. This is a bonus as it can effectively prevent dust and other harmful elements from wreaking havoc on your expensive makeup items. 

You can store all sorts of items inside the ElegLux. The top shelf is best for bigger products, while the lower drawers are ideal for just about any cosmetic trinket. 

This is an elegant and useful addition to any beauty space. If you want to keep your makeup organized for a long time. The ElegLux is the one you should go for.

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Are you a big fan of storage and organizers you can easily transport from one place to another? Do you look for high capacity when going for makeup organizers? If you said yes to both questions, then you’ll love the VellaVeil makeup organizer with handles! 

The makeup organizer features a large capacity storage that can store up to 15 kilos worth of products. The VellaVeil isn’t a “throw all inside” kind of makeup organizer. The product comes with more than 3 compartments, with each compartment coming in different sizes. The top space is for the larger, bulkier products, while the 3 other drawers are for mini items like pencils, pots, brushes, and lip products. 

We love how the VellaVeil comes with a plastic closure. It really ensures that all your products will be protected from dust, moisture, and heat exposure. 

Another bonus of the VellaVeil is its ergonomic handle. Durable and easy on the hand, the handle can help you if you want to bring your makeup organizer on the go! 

This makeup organizer is a perfect gift for those who want to give their makeup and cosmetics a little lovin’. 

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PrettyPyl is the makeup organizer for those who lean into the minimalist size. The design is very simplistic but elegant, and the organizer is mini and compact – just enough for typical vanity tables and bedside drawers. 

It might look small, but the PrettyPyl can cater to makeup, skincare products, and even jewelry! The top part is best for tall, bulky makeup bottles, while the two compartments are great for smaller items. 

The PrettyPyl comes in an easy-to-clean design which can help you maintain its beauty easily. It also has a plastic closure that shields your favorite products away from damaging elements. 

The design of the PrettyPyl includes a significantly solid base so you won’t have to worry about your makeup storage toppling over!

The box seals well – you won’t run the risk of exposing your products to dust and molds. 

One of the best mini makeup organizers in our opinion. Great for those who are staying in smaller spaces. It’s compact, it’s complete, and it’s 100% beautiful!

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Your makeup helps make you look presentable – it’s just about right to take care of them so they can make you feel and look beautiful for a longer period of time. Don’t just settle for any box in the market – go for makeup organizers that are tested and proven to make your makeup-lovin’ life easier!