The Top 4 Best Nail Drills to Buy in 2022 for Better Looking Nails

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 10th, 2022

News flash: your seemingly endless search for the best nail drill machines ends here. 

It’s surprising how for a product as simple as a nail drill, the search can be extensive. Almost all the products you’ve seen are promising. But you’re still baffled – you still wonder which of the most popular nail drills in the market are really worth the money. 

The good news is that we’ve rounded up a team of nail artists and professional nail care experts to help us narrow down choices by actually putting the best-selling nail drills to the test. For two weeks, our team of reviewers thoroughly checked, used, and reviewed the most recommended nail drilling machines. In this review, we’re spilling the beans on the top 4 nail drills that earned the approval of the experts. 

How We Decided

How were we able to come up with this list? Simple – we had a criteria which included the following: speed, efficiency, portability, and versatility. 


The speed of rotation plays a major role in how well a nail drill works. We made sure to only include nail drills that have a rotation feature of more than 30,000 rotations per minute. 


The reviewers really kept an eye out on how clean and smooth the results are with each nail drill. 


Bulky machines can be a hassle, and makes your nail drill less appealing. Whether you’re a professional nail care expert, or someone who loves to take care of your nails, portability comes in handy especially when you need to travel. 


We included the nail drills that can be used for multiple purposes. 

Out of all the products we have reviewed, these are the top 4 nail drills that impressed us the most. 

We tried using the ElegaxTips for all sorts of nail care services – gel polish removal, acrylic polish removal, nail milling, cuticle removal, and nail shaping – and we were totally sold because it did the job fast and efficiently. 

The ElegaxTips is also professional-level. The machine can perform up to 35000 rotations per minute. Its excellent speed takes off dirt, traces of polish, and excess skin in a fast and safe manner. 

The motor is also surprisingly quiet. You can do your nail care without enduring the distracting sounds. 

The direction followed by the drill is totally adjustable. The set includes 4 interchangeable drills that are ideal for shaping, polishing the nails, and eliminating dead skin surrounding the nails. 

We love the ergonomic design of the ElegaxTips – it’s so easy to grip that you won’t have to worry about the handle slipping off your hands. 

Usability is evident in the design of the ElegaxTips. There are no complicated buttons involved – the touch screen machine makes the entire nail care process easier. 

You can use the ElegaxTips for all-around nail care including carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing, drilling.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




With its 35000 rotations-per-minute capacity, the MissyPick is great for both home and professional use. It features both speed and precision when it comes to shaping, polishing, and getting rid of existing nail polish. The high-power machine can provide heavy-duty drilling without hurting your nails during manicure and pedicure.

We love how the MissyPick included 6 interchangeable drills – the drills make the machine useful not only for nail care but also for nail design and maintenance. It’s noteworthy how high quality the drills are – durable enough for drilling, but surprisingly, not evasive to the nails. 

The nail care experts and aestheticians who reviewed the MissyPick said the quality of the machine is professional-level, and it’s something they would use in their spas. 

Another plus for the MissyPick: its foot pedal. You have total control of the drill, and you can do nail shaping, nail design, nail cleaning both for the feet and hands in a hands-free way! 

The MissyPick works for both acrylic and gel polish – removes both without issues. 

The easy-to-operate buttons also make nail care a breeze. 

To throw in a little extra, this product also features a sleek, elegant look that makes clients trust your process even more. Includes an LCD screen to guide you with the rotation settings.

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When it comes to impressive speed for efficient nail cleaning, we recommend the PoshVolve. 

The PoshVolve has a rotating speed feature of about 35000 rotations per minute. For this type of speed, the nail drill is surprisingly gentle and less intimidating. However, the nail drill can still remove any unsightly mark off your nails for only five minutes. 

You can have full control of the speed and intensity of the machine. The machine comes with a knob and a pedal to help you customize the level of intensity and speed of the drill. 

We love how this device is less intimidating than the other machines in the market. The PoshVolve does not have that loud buzzing sound, and scary vibrations that can interfere with your nail care experience. 

The PoshVolve includes 3 interchangeable nail bits for shaping, scraping, cleaning, and polishing. 

Among all the products we reviewed, PoshVolve is one of the few that delivers a professional-level performance. 

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True to its name, the PrincessTips is fit for the ladies. With a hot pink color, this device is an attractive addition to any nail care set. 

But the PrincessTips is not just about its looks. In fact, when it comes to portability and versatility, we highly recommend PrincessTips. 

The handy and portable electric nail drill kit comes with 5 interchangeable bearings – each bearing is ideal for removing existing polish, cleaning the sides of the nail, removing dull looking nails, and for prepping the nails for the nail colors. 

We love how easy to use it is – the buttons are simple to understand. There’s a button to power the device on, and another one to control the speed and rotation of the device. 

This cordless nail drill is ultra convenient. You can bring it to the office, and you can bring it while you’re traveling. You won’t have to worry about messy wires anymore. You can also do your nail care discreetly.

The PrincessTips is not prone to overheating or impact-induced errors – you can be guaranteed this nail drill won’t give up on you anytime soon. 

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, high-quality nail drill that offers 100% convenience, check out the PrincessTips. 

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Your nails speak for you, so it’s just right to give it the care it needs. Beautiful nails start with proper care – one that a great electric nail drill can do! If you’re looking for nail drills and nail drill kit brands that were actually tested, rated, and recommended by professionals, we suggest you take a look at the products we recommended above – they’re worth the money!