The Top 3 Nail Polish Removers to Buy in 2022 for Beautiful Nails

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 9th, 2022

You’ve always loved caring nails; love the idea of prepping your nails for a beautiful pedicure or manicure. You’re now aware that salons can get crazy expensive, so you begin your hunt for the most popular nail polish removers in the market. At this moment, it feels you’re out of luck – it’s hard to find the best gel polish remover that has it all. 

This is why you’re here. You want to cut the chase and find out for yourselves which products to buy for professional nail care. The good news is that we conducted a review for you so you won’t have to. 

With the help of professional nail care experts, we were able to determine the top 3 best nail polish removers to buy in 2022. 

How We Decided

The love for nail care might come off as new to some, but it’s actually used for a long time by nail art professionals. To help us narrow down our search, we onboarded professional nail care experts and salon owners to help us decide which products to put on this list. 

We gave them 10 days to review the nail polish remover. Each participant was asked about how to find a product that checks all the boxes. 

It Should Deliver Professional Level of Care The nail cleaner kit that should make it on the list should be tested and proven by professional nail care experts. 

It Must Have Complete Inclusions. Skimping on the essentials is so last year – that’s why we wanted to feature a nail polish remover kit that has all the things you need to prep, care, polish, and beautify the nails. 

It Should Be Easy and More Convenient to Use. This criteria is important so you won’t feel like you need to spend hundreds of bucks on barely there nail care again. 

It Should be Durable. 

The nail polish remover should be tough enough to stay with you for a long time. It should not be prone to breaking, cracking, or bending. 

Out of all the recommendations and products we reviewed, these are the top nail polish remover kits that stood out.

If you want convenience in your nail care process, we recommend the RevoGlam. 

We see you – you don’t want the endless rubbing of solvent on the nails, the scrubbing, nor adding clips to your nails for 15 minutes just to let the solvent soak in. You’re looking for the most convenient nail polish remover – the one that’s so easy to use! 

While we were doing our review, we immediately noticed the RevoGlam. Not only is this nail polish remover a stand out – it’s a no-fuss device for making nail polish easier to remove. 

Unlike other nail polish removers, the mechanism of the RevoGlam is simple. You only need to place your fingers inside the slots and the machine inside will release heat to evenly distribute the solution on your nails. It only takes 10 minutes for the solution and the device to work. The heat inside the nail polish remover also allows the solution to work faster and better. 

The advantage of the RevoGlam is that you can use it in the easiest way. No clips, no wires – just the simple method. 

The RevoGlam works for all types of nail products – gel polish, shellac, and acrylic. 

A great must-have for nail care enthusiasts! 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you a big fan of nail art? Are you someone who changes their nail style every other day? If you love styling your nails but hate the process of removing existing colors off your nails, we recommend SophishNails. 

SophishNails is for the nail art lovers who want a quick and efficient way of removing existing nail polish. The nail polish remover kit includes nail clips for both the fingers and the toes. The clips cut the time to remove nail polish. By simply soaking fingers and toes on a solution, the nail polish becomes softer and ready for removal. 

The kit also includes the other essentials needed for nail care – a brush, nail scraper, and nail files. The reviewers noted that the tools look 100% professional – even the expert nail artists couldn’t help but be impressed! 

We love how the SophishNail is a compact and easy-to-carry kit. You can conveniently include it in your beauty essentials!

Our reviewers also mentioned that the SophishNails comes with a very durable design. The clips grip well, the brush has an ergonomic design, and the nail care tools are rust-resistant and not easy to bend and break. 

If you want professional nail care at home, SophishNails is a product you should consider! 

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It’s easy to love a nail polish that really sticks — until it’s time to remove them to pave the way to a new shade. If you’re over the traditional way of cleaning your nails – because let’s be honest, they can be exhausting – we recommend the FanzeeTips! 

The FanzeeTips is designed to make the process of removing nail polish easier, faster, and less of a hassle! 

The kit includes nail clips that allows you to simultaneously soften the nail polish with solvent. The clips are designed to seal your nails tightly so that the solvent can effectively soften the nail polish. These clips save you from endlessly rubbing solvent to your nails. 

FanzeeTips nail remover kit comes with complete inclusions – a sand file, a nail polish scraper, a brush for cleaning the nails, and pads for nail polish removing solvents. 

Using the FanzeeTips only takes 5 easy steps. After the entire process, your nails would feel and look like they have just gotten salon-level care — without the high price tag. 

The FanzeeTips is durable, and portable, too. You can conveniently bring it with you as you travel, or if you prefer nail care on the go! 

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Thanks to innovations, there are now better alternatives in removing nail polish than pouring dangerous solvents onto your nails. This list of the top nail polish removers to buy in 2021 features products that you can count on – products that will make nail care easier and more efficient for you. Tested, tried, and reviewed by professional nail care experts, you can be assured that each product recommended above is worth the bucks!