2022 Top 3 Best Ring Light Llluminate Your Beauty

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Today, the call to become more presentable online has never been stronger. With more events held online than face to face, it’s important that you have the right lighting. A good right light can make you look professional, presentable, and respectable.

Ring lights have become essentials in this virtual age where creating a great impression online is key. If you’re a professional, having a quality ring light can help you face meetings with confidence. If you’re a content creator, the benefits of ring lights can range from making you look spectacular, to assisting you in achieving quality images and videos for your followers.

The best glam lights can come in handy for multiple purposes! This is why in this review, we feature the most effective, the most versatile, and the most quality ring lights that can help you – literally – light up the screen! Check out our top picks of must-have ring lights and selfie lights.

When it comes to a ring light which efficiently combines convenience and professional results, BrillaShine is our top recommendation. The BrillaShine can be used for meetings and professional events. The light also works well for photoshoots, live streaming, and product shoots.

The BrillaShine’s light can be adjusted from cool to tungsten. The ring light also comes with a sensor that helps match the light settings to the existing natural light. BrillaShine features a high CRI rating which means that the light can render colors and flesh tones with high accuracy.

The Bluetooth remote control allows you to make settings and necessary adjustments as long as you are within a 30-feet range. The tripod table stand allows you to set the light wherever in the most sturdy way possible.

The BrillaShine ring light also features a head that can rotate 360-degrees.

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Anyone who has to post something online can’t underestimate the benefits of ring lights. If you’re just going to depend on natural lighting, your photos and videos can look dull and unprofessional. If you’re selling stuff online and you want people to develop trust in your store and your products, you can’t afford to not invest in a good ring light.

The GlamLit is a photography LED light that can elevate your photos just with quality lighting. If you don’t have access to professional lighting, the GlamLit can be your next option.

The GlamLit is a mini, lightweight, conventional ring light that you can use on your desk, or on the go! It comes with three color options – warm, cool, and mix light. The light measures 12-inches in diameter – the size offers great coverage for portrait and product shots.

This ring light features a height you can adjust according to your needs. The pole of the GlamLit can be an extension for phone holders so you can use the ring light for multiple phones.

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Do you intend to bring your ring light with you everywhere? The HexiGlow is our top choice for convenience. This selfie and light stick includes a mobile phone holder and a stereo light that gives high quality illumination.

The HexiGlow’s illumination comes from 100 lens beads that allow for delicate, quality light. This portable ring light features 7 lighting modes which include settings like cold, warm dual light, natural light, and lighting with a beautiful skin effect.

What we love about HexiGlow is it makes capturing images and videos via phone so much easier. It comes with a Bluetooth-compatible remote control that will help you record videos and shoot selfies hands free! The HexiGlow also comes with a 360-degree adjustable feature that makes it possible for you to get the best angle that fits your image or video needs!

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A ring light is your best partner for high quality videos, and professional images. In an era where you can’t afford to look sloppy and blurry online, having a ring light with you can amp your image 100%. With high-quality ring lights, you can transform your online image from amateur to professional. The ring lights above can definitely give you the image upgrade you need for your meetings, photoshoots, and product endorsements.

Each ring light featured here are tested, tried, and ranked to make sure you get the professional lighting you deserve anytime, anywhere.