More Than the Numbers:The Top 4 Best Smart Scales to Buy in 2022 for Your Fitness Goals

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Stepping on the scale is not always a pleasant experience. It seems as though dread accompanies the weighing in sessions. You’re not alone, and what you’re feeling isn’t easy to overcome. Through the years, we have been trained to see the numbers on the scale as the end all, be all of our health status. Fortunately, technology has evolved and now allows us to see way beyond the digits flashing on the scale. With smart scales, we understand why we’re more than “just the numbers related to our weight.”

Smart Scales – The Healthier Fitness Tool

You may have had this attachment to your traditional weighing scale that you can’t let go. Perhaps you are wondering “Do I really need a smart scale?”

Here’s a major pro of having smart scales – we understand why our numbers don’t define our overall health status. Smart scales help us see beyond our weight – it shows our body mass index, muscle mass, metabolic age, and water weight status. Using smart scales can help you have a clearer idea how to go about your fitness goals.

If you’re starting a fitness and wellness journey, and you’re looking for tools that can help you proceed with your activities better, you’re in the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the top four smart scales that will enable you to create a better, more effective fitness plan.

How We Decided

When it comes to dealing with your health issues, you can’t take second-rate chances. The type of diet you will follow, plus your exercise plans you’re going to program depends greatly on how your weight will be interpreted. To ensure that we feature the most effective and reliable, we asked the recommendation of dieticians, fitness experts, and gym coaches to help us narrow down our choices.

Among all the responses, we were able to create a criteria in choosing the best smart scales to buy in 2021.


Weight is a major factor considered when making meal plans, and exercise routines. When you don’t get the right digits for your weight, you may not reach the fitness goals you’ve always wanted to achieve. Having accurate numbers is key!

Comprehensive Information

Your smart scale should have the complete information you will be needing for your fitness activities. Choose a scale that includes water weight information, body mass indicators, and metabolic rates, and weight estimates.


Creating a habit of weight loss is a long term goal. It doesn’t stop in just six months – it continues for a long time. You need to have a smart weighing scale that can really stay with you for your long-term fitness journey!

If you’re eager to get your hands on quality smart scales, we got you. Here are the top 4 best smart scales to buy in 2022.

Do you want the feel of traditional weighing scales combined with the benefits of smart scales? The benefits of two weighing scales are efficiently merged in the WPlate. We love how you can’t easily be overwhelmed by the WPlate – it’s so simple yet so efficient.

What We Love About WPLate

  • User-friendly features.The WPlate does not come as an intricate, complicated weighing scale. Even kids will find it easy to use WPlate!
  • Reliable results. Built with improved sensors, the WPlate can display accurate results for all points of measurement. You won’t have to worry about getting the wrong results.
  • Comprehensive data. The WPlate displays up to 12 different measurements related to weight – body weight, body mass index, muscle mass, water weight, and so much more.

If you’re looking for an easy to use, easy to understand smart scale, the user-friendly WPlate is our best bet.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Isn’t it frustrating when you get unreliable weight results? You get discouraged, and you’re wondering if you’re actually making progress. If you are now laser-focused on finding an accurate and reliable smart scale, our top pick is AccuGram.

The AccuGram is a smart scale that delivers high-accuracy to help you understand your fitness results better.

What We Love About the Accugram:

  • 17 Key Body Composition Analysis. The AccuGram smart scale can measure up to 17 different points so you can have an overall view of what your currently dealing with.
  • High Sensitivity Sensors for Better Accuracy. We love how you can be assured that you will only be getting the most accurate results for all 17 points of assessment because the smart scale is made with improved sensors.
  • It can easily connect to app for better information comprehension. The AccuGram can be connected to an app so you can easily view, understand, and utilize the information from your weighing scale. It’s like actually getting results from a weight check up.

If you’re looking for a smart scale that is comprehensive and accurate, the AccuGram is an excellent choice.

Key Features


"Very Good"


Do you prefer to get comprehensive but not complicated information? Do you wish to find a weighing scale that will simply – but completely – help you know what area you need improvement on? Based on our review, our top recommendation is the LAMINA bluetooth smart weighing scale.

What We Love About LAMINA

  • App that tracks your progress and allows you to customize your fitness goals. We can’t stop raving about the LAMINA app! This quick-to-connect app allows users to see real-time graphs showing your progress and where you’re going. If you want to always be reminded of your fitness goals, you’re in luck – LAMINA’s app allows you to customize fitness goals and keep track of where you are in reaching them.
  • Weighing scale for everyone! The LAMINA can be shared by the entire family. The app can accommodate up to 8 users, so the whole family can share in the fitness journey!

When it comes to user-friendliness, accuracy, comprehensive results, and simplicity, LAMINA is our top pick.

Key Features


"Very Great"


If we’re just relying on the numbers flashing on our weighing scales, we might miss important information that could also come in handy when we’re planning out how to go about our fitness and weight goals. When it comes to convenience and reliable data, the product that stood out during the review stage was ScaleWise.

What We Love About ScaleWise

  • Displays result in various units of measurement. Not all of us share or use the same units for measurement. If you’re not comfortable with using kilograms or pounds, there are other units for measurements available.
  • Provides information on 10 crucial body weight analysis. We love how with ScaleWise, we can have an overall idea of where we are in the fitness department. We will be fed with information about our body mass index, metabolic age, resting metabolic status, water weight, and muscle mass!
  • Accessing information is so easy! The ScaleWise is also app compatible which helps you access and interpret information easily.

If you want more than just knowing how you weigh, ScaleWise can come in handy.

Key Features





Losing unnecessary weight is not just for vanity purposes – it can be a point of difference between a healthy life, and a life laden with illnesses. You can always start your fitness journey to a better you anytime – the most important thing is you start. If you’re looking for a tool that will really help you keep track of your most important points of measurements, consider taking a look at our top recommendations.

Each product is personally tested, tried, and reviewed to make sure you get the best.