TikTok Aesthetics: The 3 Best Sunset Lamps for Your TikTok Videos

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

TikTok has taken the world by storm – basically, every song, product, and idea in this popular social media platform is readily devoured by fans. But there’s one product that has caught the world’s attention, and not just those of TikTok frequenters – the sunset lamp. In just one glance, it’s easy to tell how sunset lamps just amp up your aesthetics game.

Sunset lamps bring the colorful hues of the sun and various spectrum of colors wherever you are. The light of the sunset lamp beautifully captures the enchanting effects of the golden hour. Use it as your light for your selfie or your TikTok videos and you’d get that “golden hour” glowing skin, and that shine that makes you look divine.

But since golden hour is not always easy to catch – and the impulse to record a video or take a photo happens the whole day – having a sunset lamp within reach can ensure you’ll never run out of the golden shimmer.

As avid TikTok fans ourselves, we also became curious about the hype that surround these special sunset and rainbow lamps. So we asked TikTokers, Instagram influencers, and creatives who LIVE for the aesthetics to tell us what makes sunset lamps popular, and the 3 best sunset lamps to add on to your must-haves.

Have you always loved the calming, romantic effects of the sunset that you just want to bottle it up and open it everytime you want to? The TourchShot has got you covered. This sunset lamp features soft glows and sanguine hues that elevate your photoshoots, selfie moments, and video recordings. But that’s not all, with the TourchShot, you can also add the soothing sunset effect to your dinner dates, and party nights.

The TourchShot comes with adjustable halos that you can customize according to your preference. Turn it on, and you’ll immediately feel a “zen” effect – the lamp is known for its calming effect.

Tiktokers and other aesthetics enthusiasts also mentioned that having TourchShot is like having the golden hour with you everywhere. With striking hues of yellow, orange, and light red, your room can transform into a summery oasis!

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If you’re into sunset, and you want it to consistently be in your room, BrightSnap has got you covered. BrightSnap brings the rich color of sunset wherever you are. With this product, it’s as if the golden hours follow you all around!

The BrightSnap projects a dream-like, visual experience. It creates a natural filter that makes your surroundings look ethereal and romantic in an instant. Oh and another perk – you get that vibey, heavenly feature without leaving the comforts of your home.

This beautiful lamp isn’t just for selfies. Turn it on and it becomes an instant mood booster for the home – adding a dash of happy vibes to your room and your favorite space.

You don’t need to worry about its operation – the BrightSnap is easy to use. It’s pretty flexible, too, thanks to its 360-degree rotatable feature. You can use the BrightSnap for a number of applications – as a selfie filter, as a photography prop, and as a home lighting ready to boost your space’s aesthetics anytime.

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At one glance, the RoboLit looks like a child’s toy. Although you may not be the biggest fan of its outward looks, you’ll definitely be drawn to its light effects. In our case, we were!

At one touch of its helmet, the RoboLit reflects beautiful lights that remind you of the sunset and the rainbow. The RoboLit can show multiple lighting effects so you can choose one that fits your mood anytime – there’s a sunset light, a rainbow light, and full spectrum light. This lighting device comes with controls so you can adjust the lighting intensity to a level that matches your current need.

This cute robot lamp is a great device to use to create that dreamy vibes in parties, and get-togethers. Kids will also love the RoboLit – its charming, calming lights can help them overcome their fear of darkness.

With its adjustable 360-degree light projector, you can spread the dreamy lights everywhere.

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If you’re looking into upgrading the looks and aesthetics of your Instagram and Tiktok feeds, using these sunset projection lamps can help big time. They don’t break the bank, but certainly deliver charming light effects that boost the quality of your photos and videos.

You can count on our words – as Tiktok enthusiasts ourselves, we immediately fell in love with these lights. We were impressed by its no fuss operation that – literally – brings the sunset vibes to you.

Can’t get enough of the romantic sunset mood? With the sunset projection lamps within reach, you’ll never run out of the magical sunset glory!