Review: The 4 Best Touch Bracelets for Long-Distance Couples - Number 1 Will Win Your Hearts!

Emma Taylor, Updated: Dec 8th, 2022

The moment you heard about touch bracelets for long-distance couples, you fell in love. They’re simple, handy, and they deliver your thoughts of love to the people that are special to you – lovers, friends, and children.

 Your big desire to express your love despite the distance has caused you to scour the web for the best touch bracelets to buy in 2022. You’ve always wanted the best, and you’re still unsure what to get. If you’ve always wanted to get the best long-distance bracelets for couples, you have come to the right place. In this review, we’re going to share with you the top couples bracelets that have wowed so many lovers already! 

How We Decided

To help us really pick out the best couples bracelets that are approved by couples, we asked lovers, parents and kids, and best friends to review more than 20 of the most popular touch bracelets. For 2 weeks, we asked them to put the bracelets to the test, and to specifically look for 3 main qualities. 

First, app compatibility and connectivity. The bracelets should be able to connect to Bluetooth, and through an app. Since most of the features will be controlled by an application, it’s important that the app should also be user-friendly. 

Second, love features. It should come with features that let your loved ones know about your feelings! 

Third, wearability. The touch bracelets should be easy to wear, and should be durable enough for the everyday wear and tear. 

Out of all the touch bracelets we reviewed, these are the three products that definitely stood out! 

“It’s the enchanting bracelet for the person that enchanted you.” – Cassey and Ryan

The AlvaDew touch bracelet for long-distance couples comes with a beautiful design of sun, moon, and stars – a nod to the popular adage “I love you to the moon and back.” 

This touch bracelet is stylish – this trinket is designed with moisture-wicking leather strings that can fit all wrist sizes. Simply undo the knot of the bracelet to adjust. The durable material used for the bracelets’ strings are also hard to sever, making the bracelet capable of lasting for a long, long time. 

The easy-touch feature of the AlvaDew allows you to send your love gestures in just one touch. Once you touch the round face of the bracelet, 

the other bracelet will automatically light up to let the other person know. This feature is made possible with the connectivity design of the bracelet. Once connected to the app, and to Bluetooth, the bracelet can send all sorts of reminders, gestures, and prompts. 

We love how the AlvaDew is multipurpose! Not only can it be used for romantic purposes – this touch bracelet is also effective as a device to help you be reminded of important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even regular activities such as work meetings and deadlines. 

This beautiful touch bracelet is not just for romantic couples – it could also be used by friends, parents and children, and even siblings! 

If you want to go the extra mile to letting your loved ones know they’re always remembered and cared for, the AlvaDew is for you. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




The app-compatible LilaBoo is one of the best long-distance touch bracelets for couples who want to send sweet gestures of love throughout the day. 

Once connected to the app and Bluetooth, LilaBoo’s impressive love features are enabled. You can do all sorts of things to help your partner, child, and best friend remember that you’re thinking of them. 

With the LilaBoo, you can send a prompt through a touch, and the other pair will receive it through blinking lights and vibrating effects. The app delivers these gestures in real time – the LilaBoo is a smart touch bracelet that sends these expressions of love with no delay. 

The LilaBoo notification lights come in various colors – you can customize it by choosing from 8 different lighting modes. 

One of LilaBoo’s best features is its stylish design – you can wear it with both casual and more formal ensembles. It’s like carrying your loved one’s love gestures with you! The bands of the LilaBoo are also made to stand the wear and tear so you can wear it for a long, long time. 

Great for lovers, best friends, and even parents and kids! 

Key Features


"Very Good"


You touch the bracelet, and the other pair will instantly light up – a sign that you just thought about your partner. We fell in love with the BreezLove’s ability to keep the love between couples alive! 

At first glance, you would not think that the BreezLove is actually a love bracelet. These touch bracelets come with a classy, elegant design that you can wear with your jeans, dresses, suits, and even with your sweats! 

Once it is connected to an app, the BreezLove can help you with sending love notes, private chat messages, love reminders, romantic signals, and even set important reminders for significant events. 

The bracelet is waterproof, and it comes with a chain and leather strap that’s durable enough to stand wear and tear. The bracelets are ideal for both men and women since the design is casual yet classy. You can also switch straps according to the look that you prefer. 

The battery life of the BreezLove is also worth the money. The bracelets can last up to 12 days on a fully-charged battery. 

Key Features


"Very Great"


If you’re looking for a bracelet that will not just connect you through sparkling trinkets, we recommend the CarvedHeart. 

The CarvedHeart is a beautiful pair of agate and howlite stone bracelets that can be worn and matched with various outfits. 

Unlike regular touch bracelets, the agate couple bracelet aims to connect couples in energy. The howlite beads are added to provide better communication between lovers, siblings, friends, and parents and children. These beads promote healthier relationships and stronger bonds. 

The agate stone, on the other hand, promotes better self-expression and stronger relationships. 

These cute bracelets have a classic look in them that you can mix and match with whatever ensemble you could think of. 

The beads are of highest quality – the last thing you can worry about is them breaking or cracking. 

If you want to feel connected in feelings and in energy, we recommend the CarvedHeart couple bracelets!

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Long-distance relationships can be tricky – having a trinket that lets your loved ones know you care for and think about them can make love stay alive even from a distance. The couple smart touch bracelets we included on this list are the best of the bests – they will impress you with how they can bring love to you and your lover’s way, how far you may be from each other.