Review: The Top 4 Best Electric Foot Scrubbers to Buy in 2022 for Your Foot Care Needs!

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

You’re looking for an electric foot scrubber in the market – the one that’s guaranteed to give you the best foot care possible. After searching online for hours, and making a list of potential options, you’re still not able to make a decision. In fact, you’re still lost. You simply need to get your money’s worth by going for the best battery-powered foot scrubbers, right? 

And your predicament led you here. Relax. You can take a deep breath in now. This isn’t just another electric foot scrubber review where we carelessly throw products on our list without even trying them. 

We understand that you want the best. That is why in this review of the best electric foot scrubbers in 2022, we really went to business. We asked the help of aestheticians and foot care experts in reviewing, testing, and rating each of the most popular callus-removing devices. Rest assured, we didn’t stop being meticulous until we were done with this list! 

But first, how did we decide? 

Our team of tech geeks, beauty and skincare enthusiasts, aestheticians and foot care experts went all out in reviewing the best selling electric foot scrubbers in 2022 to check if they’re worth the hype. 

For two weeks, we put each product to the test where we checked factors like convenience, portability, and the device’s capacity to rid the feet of calluses. 

After two weeks, we were also able to come up with top 4 factors to remember when buying a callus remover so you will get your money’s worth. 

First, the electric foot scrubber should be strong enough to do the job. 

Check the power capacity of the callus remover. Speed and intensity are important in a callus remover for it to effectively eliminate stubborn calluses.

The device should include multiple settings/heads. 

Our feet need different levels of care. The callus remover should be versatile enough to cater to all these foot care needs with its settings and callus remover heads. 

The electric foot scrubber must be easy to use.

Foot care shouldn’t feel oh-so-complicated. Look for a device that can easily be operated with just one touch of a button. Also, if multiple buttons are available, they shouldn’t be complicated to understand. 

The callus remover must be portable. 

The device should not just be useful at home, but should also come in handy when you need to travel. 

Out of all the electric foot scrubbers we reviewed, these are the top four products that stood out. 

Who doesn’t love beautiful feet achieved in a gentle way? If you’re looking for the gentlest, safest food scraper and callus remover, we 100% recommend the MagvaSmooth. 

The MagvaSmooth comes with a 360-degree rotation feature to ensure that all the spots on your heels and soles are covered. 

The callus remover also comes with a 2-speed option, the lowest setting is the gentlest we’ve reviewed so far! 

If you’re all about hygiene, we truly promote the MagvaSmooth for its hygienic qualities. The device comes with a slot where you can change sandpaper heads. You won’t have to use the same sandpaper head twice. You won’t have any worries about getting bad stuff on your foot. 

The MagvaSmooth is perfect for foot care on the go. It’s easy to assemble, rechargeable, portable, and includes a built-in vacuum to suck in callus shavings so you won’t have to deal with all the shavings on the floors, carpets, and seats. 

The device includes a LED display to help you see the full status of your device. 

A terrific gift for those who love to give their feet extra love!

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If you’re on the hunt for a multipurpose callus remover that works well for intense scrubbing, and daily foot care maintenance, our top recommendation is the PedxiScrb. 

Our team of foot care experts call this “the best electric callus remover for those starting their foot care routines.” The device features 2 removable heads – one for removing the calluses, and another gentler head for maintaining foot health daily. 

One of the best things about the PedxiScrb is it is non-evasive. We were impressed at how tough it can be on calluses, but won’t leave any painful, stinging spots on the skin. All you will be getting is a smooth, callus-free foot!

We had insider information that this device is also one of the most-trusted foot care devices used by professional foot care salons. 

If you’re looking for a callus remover that you can also bring with you everywhere, you’re going to hit the jackpot with the PedxiScrb – the 300-gram device actually makes it possible for you to enjoy professional foot care wherever you are! 

This callus scrubber is a great gift for those who love to give extra care to their feet! 

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Are you not a big fan of callus removers that are too painful for the feet? Are you in the hunt for a callus remover that is non-evasive, gentle, but effective? TootsieFlux tops our list! 

The TootsieFlux features a 2000 rpm capacity that polishes the skin instead of scraping it. It has a two-speed setting that allows you to use a function that is most comfortable for you. 

This device makes it possible to remove hardened calluses in just two minutes! No more endless scrubbing motion that’s exhausting – the speed of the TootsieFlux gets you covered. 

The TootsieFlux also comes with a rechargeable battery that allows you to go cordless when it comes to foot care. We love how we no longer have to deal with stubborn wires just to get the foot looking pretty. 

One of the main features of the TootsieFlux is its automatic slot for storing shaved calluses. You no longer have to worry about shaved calluses getting scattered on the floor and carpets!

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The VaniPosh electric callus remover and foot file is for the buyers who are intently looking for an electric callus remover that delivers professional-level of care.

The main feature of the VaniPosh is its 3-speed rotation levels. One device can be used for multiple foot aesthetic issues. Users can easily adjust the speed rotation levels for different purposes. The full speed can quickly target stubborn calluses, while the mid level is for follow-up sessions. The low level rotation is ideal for foot care maintenance that can be done on a daily basis.

We love how VaniPosh is powered by rechargeable batteries. With a full charge, you can get up to 90 minutes of cordless foot care! You can easily bring the VaniPosh to your travels.

With its adjustable rotation and speed levels, the VaniPosh can be used by multiple users with varying foot care needs! If you have a professional foot care spa and you’re looking for a device that can deliver, the VaniPosh is one product you can check.

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Who doesn’t love beautiful feet? We all do! The good news is that you won’t have to spend a ton of money just for pretty feet. With the callus remover, you can care for your feet at home. The callus removers we recommend here are topnotch, and reviewed to have the highest quality. The recommendations above are truly worth the money!