Beard Care: Top 4 Best Beard Straighteners to Buy in 2022

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

If you’re a part of the Beard Brotherhood, you are surely not new to the complicated ways of caring for your beard. A beard can instantly upgrade your look, but when a beard is left untamed, gruff, and tangled, it can make you look sloppy than professional.

Perhaps you’re wondering “Why don’t I just invest in a good beard oil or balm rather than on a beard straightener?” If you want to save time, if you want to quickly deal with tangles, and if you want to make your beard easy to tream and groom, you need to have a beard straightener on hand.

How We Decided

With so many options for beard straighteners, it’s easy to get confused as to what you should really get. Does fancy always mean better? Should you always opt for the most expensive? We’re here to help you know which beard straightening brushes you should get.

To help us find the best products for your beard, we asked the help of beard grooming experts, and salon professionals for their recommendations on the best beard straightening tools.

We also checked online marketplaces and Amazon to ensure we choose the most effective products for your beard care routines.

Among all the products we have reviewed, here are the 4 that stood out.

If you’re looking for a beard straightener that’s easy to operate, the OptiBeard is a top notch choice. This ceramic beard straightener combines the detangling power of a hairbrush and the efficiency of a straightener, the OptiBeard is an easy yet effective beard straightening tool.

With an anti-scald feature, the last thing you would worry about is having burnt skin due to the ceramic sticking to your skin.

The OptiBeard delivers beard straightening benefits that can last up to 10 hours. This tool is perfect for beard grooming, beard care, and beard styling.

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Gruffed, messy, all-over-the-place beards can be stressful. Sometimes, no matter how much oil and balm you put, the beard just won’t cooperate. So what do you do? Whip out a beard straightener. Our recommendation for headstrong beards? StachePop!

The StachePop can turn a frizzy beard into smooth, straight wonders in just a few minutes. Using a low profile design and negative ion technology, that straightens and lessens the friction on the beard.

Safe, and reliable, the StachePop helps you achieve that well-groomed beard without the pains of burnt skin!

Lightweight and ergonomic, the StachePop is simply one of the best beard straighteners you can bring on the go!

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Are you a big fan of professional grooming services? Do you love the way quality tools for beard bring out the best in your looks? You don’t have to go to an actual beard spa to get that well-trimmed beard you’ve always wanted.

From our review, we discovered the Slick3000 delivers the professional beard care benefits at home. This top rated beard straightener heats up as fast as 90 seconds. It comes with an LCD screen to help you see the temperature levels clearly.

The Slick3000 is made of tourmaline ceramic metal – a safe, but highly effective material that helps straighten tangled, rugged beard.

The Slick3000 is wireless, which means you can bring it even while you’re traveling! Portable and lightweight, you can consider Slick3000 as a travel companion that can help you look good all the time!

If you’re looking for salon-level grooming for the beard you’re taking care of, Slick3000 is a highly recommended partner!

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Having a thick-growing beard is considered an advantage by some, and a burden to others. Although a thick beard looks better than sparse ones, it can also become quite burdensome to maintain. If you have a thick beard and you’re looking for ways to straighten it, we recommend the HeatMen!

The HeatMen is made with materials that can durably handle thick and coarse beards. You don’t have to worry about your straightener getting tangled up and broken in the process.

This impressive beard straightener penetrates deep into the base of the hair to ensure that the beard is meticulously straightened. If you’re looking for ways to shape your beard, using the HeatMen before you shape your beard allows you to create the style you want with precision.

The HeatMan heats up in just one minute! With protective coatings, you don’t have to worry about the device causing burns to your face!

This beard straightener is an ideal gift for father’s day, anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas!

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Nothing beats the charisma of a beard that is well taken care of. With a great looking beard, you can look more presentable, professional, and fantastic. With the help of our highly recommended products, you can rock that beard game without the stress of enduring a scruffy, messy beard.

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