Mermaid Tails for Swimming:The Best 3 Mermaid Tails for Kids and Adults

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Gone are the days when we say that mermaids aren’t real. Some creators are staying true to the fairy tale dreams because honestly, you can never really outgrow your wish to become a mermaid. Thanks to innovation and a whole lot of creativity, you can now look and swim like a goddess of the sea with the help of mermaid tails.

If you’re here looking for the prettiest, most durable mermaid tails, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring 3 of the best mermaid tails to buy for swimming in 2022.

How We Decided

We’re big mermaid fans. We love everything glittery, colorful, and magical. This is the reason why when it comes to mermaid tails, we’re very meticulous. Although the aesthetics matter, we’re also keen on durability and comfort. Mermaid tails are a great investment, so we made sure to ask costume experts and professional mermaid swimmers to recommend the best mermaid tails for swimming.

Here’s a criteria we used to determine which tails deserve to be splashing on your pools.


You will be moving, twisting, kicking, and splashing with your favorite mermaid tail. A lot of force will be required for you to stay afloat so it’s important to choose a mermaid tail that’s not prone to breaking, and tearing apart.


If your mermaid tails feel restrictive, there’s a high chance you won’t be able to power through the movements you need to swim with a tail on. Feel total freedom for your movements even while on the water – choose a mermaid tail that’s ultra flexible. 


Represent yourself in your mermaid tail. We feel that it’s important that we love the aesthetics of our tails so we can truly enjoy it.


Mermaid tails are meant to be enjoyed. It shouldn’t leave you feeling miserable after each swim. The best mermaid tails are comfortable.

Out of all the mermaid tails we have reviewed, here are the top three products that won our hearts…and our approval.

Are you looking for a mermaid tail that can make you feel like a real princess of the ocean? Do you want your mermaid tails to have an almost-real look? When it comes to aesthetics and comfort, our favorite is the Mermaidry!

Holding the Mermaidry for the first time is like a dream come true – it’s like the mermaids themselves gave the tail to you. We can’t get over how stunning the material and the design of each Mermaidry mermaid tail. The rainbow sheen, plus the ombre touch makes this tail so beautiful – you feel like it jumped straight out of a storybook.

The Mermaidry doesn’t skimp on function – it comes with a patented monofin that helps you swim faster, and create smoother glides and turns. The monofins feature an ultra-durable fin and neoprene cover for a natural movement in the water. Your legs and feet will thank you for also choosing comfort.

The foot area has enough allowance to still help you move freely. Made from durable materials, the Mermaidry can stand strong pool chemicals, and the intense heat of the sun.

This is a perfect gift for kids and adults who just can’t get enough of their mermaid dreams!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you not a big fan of bold, ombre, glitter-esque colors? Do you want to own a more realistic, more muted mermaid tail? We recommend the SeaGalore bikini and mermaid tails set for adults.

This beautiful mermaid tail is designed to look like the real tails. It’s an Instagram-worthy choice you can use while swimming in the pool, or hanging out on the beach.

SeaGalore is expertly crocheted from acrylic fibers that have been designed for ultimate softness, as well as durability. What we really like about the SeaGalore is it’s super comfortable on the legs and feet. You can swim all day and you won’t feel icky, sticky, or sweaty inside the tail.

A bonus feature of SeaGalore is that it’s not just a mermaid tail, it’s a mermaid bikini set which means you get a bikini top together with your tail of choice. No need to search for swimsuits that will complement your favorite mermaid tails.

This is an amazing gift for your girlfriends who are all about experiencing being a mermaid in their lifetime!

Key Features


"Very Good"


Little girls can have big mermaid dreams… and what a better gift for them than to make those dreams come true, right? Your underwater princess will love you for that.

If you’re looking for the best mermaid tails for pre-teens and teenage girls, our top recommendation is the AquaFever!

The AquaFever’s defining feature is its uber-cute, sparkly, very princessy designs. The majestic colors will make any little girl’s eyes wide with wonder.

The mermaid tail includes a zipper on each side so your little girls won’t have a hard time getting in and out of their favorite mermaid tails. The AquaFever comes in a 4-way set. Included in the mermaid tails set is a beautiful tail, and a bikini top and bottom that matches the tail.

The AquaFever includes a patented monofin to help your little mermaids swim faster, smoother, and better. You won’t have to worry about comfort – the AquaFever is made with the most flexible breathable nylon-acrylic design that will make swimming comfortable for your kids.

This mermaid tail is a great birthday gift, and an awesome summer surprise!

Key Features


"Very Great"



Mermaid tails can make so many dreams and wishes happen. Buy one and your kids will think you’re the best parent in the world! Magical experiences don’t stop at any age, and mermaid tails allow you to live in magic everytime you hit the beach and the pool.

Each of the mermaid tails featured here are tested, reviewed, and tried to ensure you you’re only getting the best recommendations.