The Ultimate 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Emma Taylor, Updated: Dec 8th, 2022

We believe love is never fleeting, so your Valentine’s Day gifts should not be either. 

Whether you’re still trying to win her heart or want to bring back that first date spark, this guide has everything you need for a memorable day of love. We’ve curated gift ideas that help you express your sincere feelings and remind your loved one of them every day, even when you’re not around.

The items on our list are all of premium quality and handmade by expert craftsmen. After all, your loved one deserves only the best. 

We’ve got six beautiful gift ideas to help you make this year’s Valentine’s Day one you both won’t forget. Let’s get started!

Have you been going back and forth choosing between a classic bouquet of roses and a teddy bear or getting something extraordinary for Valentine’s Day? No need to choose. 

The A’MORE All Rosed-Up Luxury Bear is carefully handmade from more than 500 soft, synthetic roses to form an adorable bear that will surely catch your loved one by surprise. Each rose bear is one-of-a-kind and wrapped beautifully in an elegant clear gift box. 

And the best part is that they can treasure your gift and remember that magical day in the years to come!

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Inspired by Beauty and The Beast, this preserved red rose in a glass dome with 20 LED fairy lights is a great way to tell your special someone that your love grows as time goes by.

This Enchanted Preserved Rose looks straight out of a fairytale and is sure to captivate their heart all over again. It’ll be as if you’ve cast a spell and brought back that first spark moment to relive it on the day of love.

The ultimate symbol of romance undergoes a special technique to make it last for up to 3-5 years without any watering or fussy maintenance needed. Encasing it in an arched glass dome with warm lights creates charming decor and sets a romantic ambiance.

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If you’ve already got an epic gift prepared, why not make it even better by wrapping it up in a unique gift box? 

The Memories on Blast lets you DIY an explosion gift box with a gallery of your favorite moments captured in photos. You can also add in sweet handwritten notes with messages you’re too shy to say out loud in some of the multi-layered cards. 

In the middle, you’ll find a smaller box where you can put your Valentine’s Day gift. Whether it’s a ring, watch, or necklace, watch them wear the biggest smile on their face and give you the tightest hug. 

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Send your love to your partner who’s miles away and make them feel your warmth with a just touch of your couple bracelet. 

The Love from the Sun to the Moon and Back Couple Bracelet makes a great Valentine’s Day gift, so you can notify them whenever you’re thinking of them from wherever. This lovely pair of bracelets is perfect for keeping the fire burning as you spend days apart or live in different parts of the world. 

With a quick setup on your device and internet connection, you can customize the LED light color for secret signals and even set it ahead of time. It’s a fun and more personal way to stay in touch!

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If you’re spending the upcoming day of love or most of the year apart, then this is the perfect gift to get for your significant other. 

The Long Distance Agate Touch Bracelet set helps keep the love alive and the relationship thriving even when you’re miles apart. This beautiful pair will close the distance between you and your loved one and promote better energy connections. 

They’re made with white howlite and black agate stones that are best known for their ability to nurture and improve long-distance relationships. 

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A red rose is beautiful, but an eternal red rose in 24k gold plating is magical. 

This coming Valentine’s Day, sweep her off her feet all over again with the Eros in Love 24k Gold Eternal Red Rose. This gift captures the enchanting beauty of a rose in full bloom and is one your significant other can cherish forever.

Made from real roses and preserved with natural protein resin, this exquisite gift takes three months to complete with careful and expert craftsmanship. It’s a delicate piece but leaves your loved one stunned at its sophisticated beauty. 

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Gifts are ultimately just tangible things that help you better express your intangible feelings. The items in this guide are of premium quality, unique designs and communicate your sincere love. 

Making this year’s Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one is effortlessly possible when you’ve got one of these to gift to your special someone.