Tibetan Singing Bowls Review: The Top 3 Best Singing Bowls for Meditation and Healing

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Meditation and a quiet retreat in the midst of this loud, busy world are a great remedy to the mind, body, and soul. When done right, the time we use to meditate, relax, and heal can be beneficial in the long run. Yes, it is possible to feel peace and calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle – all thanks to Tibetan singing bowls. 

Tibetan singing bowls date back to the earliest centuries. Used by the meditation gurus in Tibet, the singing bowls are used to put people in a deep focus – akin to a trance – so they can experience an almost ethereal experience. Recreated for the modern-day meditation enthusiasts, these Tibetan singing bowls can help one achieve deep peace and calm amidst the crazy world outside. 

If you’re into meditation and you want to make the most out of your sessions, you deserve a singing bowl. In this review, we are featuring the top 3 best singing bowls to buy in 2022. 

What to Look for in Singing Bowls: A Guide

“What makes Tibetan singing bowls great?” 

This was the golden question when we were reviewing a couple of singing bowls to include in this review. We encountered all sorts of meditation bowls – there are large bowls, mini bowls, thicker singing bowls, and basic-looking bowls. 

To narrow down our choices, we asked the recommendations of yogis, meditation experts, and healers. Out of all their top choices, we were able to glean a quick list of what to look for in singing bowls. 

The Type of Singing Bowl

In the market, you will find approximately 50 types of singing bowls being sold. However, artisan and long-standing stores only sell up to 8 kinds of singing bowls. Each type has a unique sound projection and quality. 

The Age of the Singing Bowl

The older the singing bowl, the more beautiful it is. Each bowl has engraved mantras ranging from “The spirits are with you..” to “Closer to the heavens…” Although the age of the singing bowls don’t have a major effect on the quality of the sound or vibrations, it does give bowls a significant value – which in effect makes every meditation session special. 

The Size

In meditation, making sure that you hear the sounds properly can have a huge effect. When you feel the music running through you, connecting into a higher power becomes easier. If you have a bigger, more congested room for meditation, opt for a bigger singing bowl. Traditional 4-inch bowls are ideal for smaller, compact rooms. 

The Materials Used in Making the Singing Bowl

Out of all the singing bowls that we have reviewed, here are a few that stood out. 

Main Feature: Takes inspiration from the original, ancient singing bowls. 

Are you looking for a meditation singing bowl that takes inspiration from the ancient versions? Our team loves the appeal of classic TIbetan bowls – one that we found in the LidaShrev handcrafted singing bowl. 

At first glance, you will notice the physical difference of the LidaShrev to other singing bowls. Its mantra engravings are unique, and its design is a standout compared to modern-day singing bowls. 

Apart from its aesthetics, the LidaShrev is created from the mountains of Tibet – a feature that ensures you get the real thing. The singing bowl is composed of seven key metals to bring out the ideal sound and vibrations that is perfect for meditation, bringing back chakra balance, mindfulness activities, and sound therapy. 

The LidaShrev comes with eight size options – ideal for big studios and small, compact rooms. Each singing bowl set comes with a solid wood striker, and a beautiful silk base that won’t affect the sound vibrations coming from your bowl. 

If you want to enjoy each day with healing, lasting, soul-and-body-soothing meditation, LidaShrev is a great pick. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you always worried that your small space hinders you from engaging into a deep meditative mood? Are you looking for a singing bowl that you can comfortably carry everywhere? Our top pick is the MedivaHum. 

MedivaHum is for the on-the-go people who find the chance to meditate everywhere. This 11-cm (4 inches) singing bowl is portable, handy and compact –  ideal for the office, yoga studio, or when you want to meditate on an empty spot in the park. 

Despite its size, the MedivaHum is capable of bringing out the best vibrating sounds that can pull you into a state of meditative trance. If you live in a small room, this is the most recommended size. 

Apart from its portability and great sound quality, we also love how beautiful it looks. Sourced from the mountains of TIbet, the bowl comes with a traditional silk base that elevates the sounds coming from the bowl. 

The MedivaHum also gets inspiration from the traditional bowls as it is also made with 7 key metals that release sounds that really get to you. 

We love how you can use this during a coffee break in the office, or when you want to end your busy day in a peaceful note. It’s so versatile both in size and in function! 

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"Very Good"


If you are a meditation guru, a Reiki healer, an intuitive healing expert, or a sound therapy advocate, you might be looking for a singing bowl that can elevate your clients’ experience with you. For professional use, we recommend the BellVates. 

BellVates come with a unique hammered design that creators claim to “increase the quality of vibrations that invite positive energy.” Unlike other singing bowls, the BellVates create deeper, long-lasting sounds that can help clients enter into a deep meditative state. We learned that the special design of the BellVates “opens the pillars to creative thinking, and intuitive messages.” 

The BellVates is pretty versatile and an ideal tool for all sorts of healers or gurus. We learned that this tool can be used to increase body connection in Yoga, help clients get into hypnosis, release negative energy in Reiki, and promote healing for Intuitive Healing sessions. 

If you’re having trouble with helping clients zone out from their current surroundings, you can use the assistance of the BellVates. 

The BellVates comes in 7 different sizes – there are larger options for larger studios, and smaller traditional sizes for smaller rooms. 

We just love how even after we walked out of the room, we can still hear the reverberating sounds from the BellVates. 

Definitely a must have for professional healers and gurus!

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In this world full of distractions, a singing bowl that can help us become more mindful and more “out” of this world can be an important tool. Whether you’re a professional guru, or someone who considers meditation a part of your routine, having a singing bowl can increase the benefits of deep meditation and relaxation to the mind, body, and soul. 

The singing bowls we feature here are personally tested, tried, and reviewed to give you the best meditation experience.