Hairfree Glory: Review on the 4 Best Epilators to Buy in 2022

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

In this age where beauty has become the highlight of many things, more and more people have become conscious of the “hairs’ in certain places. In the world of hair removal devices, three items stand out: shave, wax, and lasers. But there’s another hair removal tool that helps you achieve that hairless glory: the epilator!

What is an epilator, you may ask? Epilator is a device which features a rotating wheel containing multiple tweezers that pluck hair from the roots as it goes. The tool sounds painful, but epilators work better than shave (you only need to use it once every 3 weeks), less painful than wax, and less expensive than lasers. Yes, you can save a ton of salon fees from this single tool alone.

If you’re looking for an affordable hair removal tool that offers long-term benefits, you’ve come to the right place. As beauty enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how our self-esteem can easily be affected by hairs at the wrong places. This is why we personally scoured the net for the best epilators in 2022. But this review does not come with no help. Each epilator is chosen based on the feedback of more than 50 users who can’t stop raving about this tool.

In this review, we’re featuring 4 of the best epilators that stood out among the rest. Ready to get rid of your wax, shave, and expensive salon trips? Check out our top picks – the best epilators to buy in 2022.

After removing your hairs from your legs, the last thing you’d want is to see sore and irritated spots. Let’s not get started with the cuts we get from shaving! Ugh!

If you’re like most of the women who are done with cuts and irritation, the Skinergy is the best epilator to try. Skinergy’s gentle, non-invasive way of removing unwanted hair makes this the best epilator for beginners.

Simply turn on the electric epilator and move in a circular motion to get optimum results. The epilator will give you a smooth AND pain-free hair removal experience.

The Skinergy is very low maintenance – simply put the head on running tap water to get rid of stubs. It works on wet and dry areas. Even men can use this hair epilator.

Perfect for any age, the SkinErgy works effectively in removing hair off neck, legs, arms, face, and the bikini area.

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Are you one to be always on-the-go? Are you always travelling, always keeping a shave with you to make sure you eliminate any hair appearance that could ruin your looks? The Striply epilator is the best companion for beauty aficionados who are always on the go.

The epilator is the perfect addition to your beauty essentials travel kit. It’s small, compact, lightweight, and effective. The Striply even comes with a travel lock so it won’t automatically start and ruin your clothes in your luggage.

The device is powered by a 600 mAH battery which allows super charging. The last thing you would worry about is your epilator running out of power.

The epilator features a 3D floating foil, and a hypo-allergenic stainless steel to give you that hair-free smoothness without the common irritation that comes with hair removal.

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If we will be real, there are certain parts of our body that hosts hair that we don’t want anyone to see. Dealing with these parts can be extra painful, and difficult. Sometimes, the classic shave can’t do the job well. With waxing, well, it can feel like it’s pure torture.

If shaving, waxing, and laser treatments don’t sound appealing to you, you can shift to the DermoVal epilator. DermoVal is meant to deal with short, fine, hair you want to eliminate. It can remove hair that even the eyes can’t see.

Quick and easy shaving can be achieved, thanks to its foil and dual integrated hair trimmers. If you’re looking for a special hair removal tool that can safely treat the hairs in the bikini line, neck, chin, and upper-lip area, the DermoVal is a top choice.

It also has one extra benefit: it can remove dead, hard, cracked, calloused skin!

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Sometimes, we use one hair removal tool for multiple uses – and we get disappointed because most of the time, a single tool does not deliver. If finding a multipurpose hair removal tool is part of your list, check out one of the best hair epilators – the VelveTouch.

The VelveTouch is equipped with 5 interchangeable heads that serve different purposes so you can achieve that skin that’s like velvet to the touch. What impressed us the most about the VelveTouch is that it has multiple purposes, too – it can be used for shaving, for removing dead skin, for exfoliating, and for massaging! It’s like an all around beauty tool!

This reliable epilator is also an ideal to rid your bikini area, chest area, face area, legs, and underarms of unwanted hair.

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Whether you have a peach fuzz, a short stubble, coarse leg hair, or extremely sensitive skin, these quality epilators can still get the job done. It’s like the epilator has combined all the benefits of traditional hair removal tools – it’s quick, its benefits are long lasting, and it’s extremely cheap.

For a better hair removal routine, try out the best epilators featured here!