Best Skincare Investments - The Top 3 Skincare Fridges to Add to Your Beauty Essentials

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

We have skincare holy grails we swear by – products that absolutely deliver for our skin. However, some products need a little more care than the others. When exposed to heat and other elements, their effectiveness goes down significantly. This is why the skincare world is now raving non-stop about a new skincare must-have: the skincare fridge.

If you’re here because you’ve been on the hunt for the best skincare fridge on the market, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re going to feature three of the best skincare fridge to buy in 2022.

How We Decided

With so many skincare fridges for so many price points, it’s so easy to feel confused as to what to buy. Should you go for the cute one with multiple panels? Or maybe for the most affordable one?

We’re big skincare fans and we want to help skincare aficionados like us find the most ideal skincare fridge out there. To help us determine the products better, we asked the recommendations of aestheticians, dermatologists, and skincare experts. Here are a few things to remember on what to look for in a skincare fridge.


For skincare fridges, size matters. If you’re a big believer of intricate skincare, and you have a couple of products on hand, consider buying a fridge of considerate size. Also choose a skincare fridge that can work best with the space in your home.


Here’s a major factor: price point. Most skincare fridges come in big price tags because – well – they deliver. Your budget is one of the first things you should also consider when picking out the skincare fridge of your dreams.

The Best Type for Your Products

Products have different reactions when they are exposed to elements. One of the best guides to choosing skincare fridges is your collection of products. Find the best fridge that works well to your product’s chemical type, consistency, and ingredients.

Out of all the skincare fridges we have reviewed, here are the products that stood out the most.

Are you a fan of top class skincare products? Is your collection extensive, and you want to make sure your products stay viable for a long, long time? We recommend the Fresh Beauty portable skin care fridge.

The Fresh Beauty comes with a cool and warm temperature to deliver a more controlled environment for your beauty products to last. You can control the temperature to match the needs of your products.

We love how you can make Fresh Beauty your personal vanity space. The fridge includes a vanity mirror you can utilize while you’re doing your self care, skin care sessions.

All in all, the Fresh Beauty can cater to up to 8 liters of products – enough to handle up to 10 pcs of big bottles! You can store your toners, creams, astringents, essences, and serums conveniently.

There are two things that set Fresh Beauty apart from other skin care fridges – it’s noiseless, and it’s also CFC free.

The Fresh Beauty comes with a compact portable design – it’s a device you can bring even while you’re on the go!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you looking for a skincare fridge that combines functionality with style? Are you searching for high-capacity fridges that can – literally – handle all your products? Our top recommendation is the CoolTril 12-liter skincare fridge.

The CoolTril’s cute peachy pink color makes it stand out. But to appreciate this product, you have to look on the inside. This skincare fridge can handle up to 12 liters of products – great for skincare aficionados and skincare fans who love to try all the products in the market.

CoolTril features five divided slots where you can put your little bottles, and tall face sprays. Because of its large size, this amazing fridge can also double as a makeup holder and cabinet.

This popular skincare fridge comes with amazing features. It keeps a nice temperature of 8-degree celsius. This fridge also comes with drying and humidification so you won’t have to deal with dirty, moldy tools. CoolTril has antimicrobial features to help keep your skin clean and healthy!

With its pretty design, this convenient, compact, and highly-recommended product is a must-have for every beauty fan’s vanity table.

Recommended Features


"Very Good"


Are you investing so much on your skincare that you can’t afford to lose their value just because they’re exposed to elements? Preserve your favorite makeup, skincare products, and even perfumes with the all around skincare fridge – SkineeX.

The standout feature of the SkineeX is its hot and cold temperature setting. You can easily control the temperature to fit the needs of your skincare products. This skincare fridge can be customizable – you can arrange your products according to what you think is fit. There’s enough space for tall bottles, for mini capsules, for cream canisters, and skincare sachets.

Say goodbye to buzzing sounds – the SkineeX features a zero-noise machine that will save you from dealing with loud mechanical sounds.

The SkineeX is a cute mini fridge not only for skin care, but for cosmetics, vitamins, health drinks, and important beauty tools. With the SkineeX, you can keep your products clean and effective for a long, long time.

Recommended Features





Skincare fridges may sound like a luxury, but they’re actually the secret to cleaner tools, and products that last for a long time. These mini machines can help eliminate product wastage, and product inefficiency. Get the best results from your skincare investments and products with these top rated skincare fridges.